Willem Dafoe On If He’d Ever Return As Green Goblin After No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home More than a decade after his last appearance saw the return of Willem Dafoe’s iconic supervillain, The Green Goblin – but it might not be the last time the actor portrays his signature Marvel character. After appearing as Norman Osborn in the first installment of Sam Raimi’s Spider Man trilogy in 2002, Dafoe immediately became an essential part of Spider-Man’s live-action mythos, setting a high bar for the web-slinger’s cinematic foes. After four appearances as the Green Goblin in the span of two decades, Willem Dafoe has finally revealed whether or not he took the role.

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With Willem Dafoe’s new role Inside compared their performance in Spider Man, the actor has been asked about a possible return to Marvel on several occasions in recent weeks. speaking with In VerseDafoe finally revealed what it would take for him to return as the Green Goblin:

“If everything was right, sure. I mean, it’s a great role. I love the fact that it’s a double role both times. Twenty years ago, and recently, both times [were] Very different experiences, but I had a great time on both.

Inside The star proves surprisingly open to the possibility of returning to her iconic supervillain role, praising the dual nature of the character and revealing she’s having fun with her return no way home, Dafoe doesn’t rule out another appearance as the Green Goblin, though he implies that any return would have to be well executed.

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In which Spider-Man movie or show could Dafoe’s Green Goblin return?

Dafoe’s Green Goblin may return in the future Spider Man Movies set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although Norman Osborn was cured by the Goblin Formula no way home, his Earth-616 version has not yet appeared. Some theories suggest Tom Holland’s as-yet untitled fourth film Spider Man The franchise may finally introduce Norman Osborn and Oscorp in the MCU. Although the MCU is more likely to have another actor portray Osborn, Dafoe’s recent comments have raised hopes that he could reprise his role as a new version of Norman Osborn who will be Spider-Man for years to come. Can put man in danger.

Conversely, it might be easier for the MCU to reintroduce Dafoe’s Green Goblin to an animated medium. Although Disney+ Spider-Man: Freshman Year will involve a different Norman Osborne, whose future seasons what if…? Can easily incorporate a different take no way home‘Send. Bringing back Willem Dafoe to voice his iconic character would certainly prove easier – and less expensive – for Marvel to make a live-action appearance than casting a different actor as the Earth-616 version of Osborn. allows for. although the second season what if…? While initially taking longer than expected, the prospect of Dafoe’s return will certainly generate excitement ahead of the show’s next batch of episodes.

In addition to the MCU, Dafoe’s Green Goblin could appear in future Sony films set within the company’s own franchise of Marvel characters. Michael Keaton made an appearance in Vulture morbius after the events of no way home, suggesting that other Spider-Man villains may also transplant themselves into the Venomverse. However, a more appealing option involves Dafoe returning in Sam Raimi’s long-awaited sequel. Spider Man Trilogy. The prospect of Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin returning to face off against Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man is exciting and made possible by his thrilling performances at the end. Spider-Man: No Way Home,

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