What Losing A Producer Means For GOTG 3, Secret Invasion & Ironheart

marvel cinematic universe Its most recent movie and TV releases have been rocked by a number of complaints related to it, and the firing of longtime Marvel Studios producer Victoria Alonso is a great sign of the studio’s current state. Alonso had been with Marvel since 2006, two years before iron Man was released in theaters to stupendous success and launch of the MCU. During a 17-year period, Alonso went through various roles at Marvel Studios, beginning as a co-producer iron ManMoving to Executive Producer 2012 the avengers, and became President of Physical and Postproduction, Visual Effects and Animation Production at Marvel.

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Alonso’s latest role came under question in recent years, as the MCU began to struggle with its VFX, with audiences constantly questioning the special effects on both the movies and TV shows. VFX workers on MCU projects also started speaking out over Marvel’s poor practices. Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantummaniaVFX issues recently became widely known, and the film fell short of expectations, which may have led to ant ManIt is the lowest grossing film of the year. With Alonso’s firing, upcoming MCU projects such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, secret attackAnd iron Heart may be affected.

Victoria Alonso’s exit reportedly won’t affect Guardians of the Galaxy 3

In the same report that revealed Alonso was fired, Diversity Claimed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Alonso’s exit from Marvel Studios will not be affected. It’s because of the moviealmost locked picture,” means that it is largely over at this point. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Not surprising, as the film is the next MCU release, coming out in May, and hails from director James Gunn, who’s found nothing but success at Marvel.

How will Victoria Alonso’s exit affect Secret Invasion, Ironheart and other shows?

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Alonso was Marvel Studios’ president of physical and postproduction, visual effects and animation production. Her exit from the role, and Marvel’s subsequent search for a replacement, is definitely going to have an impact on some MCU projects going forward. While the Infinity Saga was made up of only movies, Marvel has expanded with series, shorts and TV specials on Disney+. With Alonso’s dismissal, some of the MCU shows that were scheduled for this year, such as secret attack And iron HeartLooking at late 2023, possible delay to 2024 or later.

DiversityReports of Alonso’s firing revealed that Marvel Studios insiders believe the five live-action Disney+ MCU series were originally set to release in 2023. secret attack, bottle gourd season 2, iron Heart, echoAnd Agatha: Covenant of Chaos – Only three or four will air this year, with the others delayed to 2024 or later. rumors posted Agatha Sometime for a 2025 release. While limiting the 2023 MCU series to three or four is new information, the MCU Phase 5 shows were already on track to slow down, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed last month, before Alonso’s exit.

Could Other MCU Movies Be Delayed by Marvel Losing a Producer?

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With Marvel Studios set to delay a few shows due to the dismissal of longtime producer Alonso, it’s quite possible that some of the MCU movies could feel the effects of that decision. Marvel has become notorious lately for the poor conditions the studio provides to VFX workers, and while it appears the studio is course-correcting with Alonso’s firing – as the executive has been reported to have problems by some VFX workers. The loss of the executive in charge of handling VFX would undoubtedly affect work on the special effects-heavy MCU films.

Prior to Alonso’s firing, it was reported that Marvel was taking steps in the right direction to combat some of the poor VFX of the MCU’s latest projects. The move under consideration was delayed by four months Miracle from July to November to give the film more time in post-production to get the VFX right. as well as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 And Miracle With a 2023 release slated for release, Marvel Studios should have enough time to fill Alonso’s position so that the job vacancy doesn’t hurt any 2024 or 2025 MCU films — though a delay for the VFX overhaul could happen then. when alonso mcu Change has been announced.

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