Wakanda Forever Set Up A Plot Twist That Could Tie Into Shang-Chi 2

in a throwing line Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Sets Up A Major Plot Twist For The Future Of The MCU, Which Could Link Phase 5 iron Heart with the coming Shang-Chi 2, As the final film in Phase 4 of the MCU, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Marvel Studios brought viewers back to a grieving Wakanda in the wake of King T’Challa’s death from an unknown illness. Whereas wakanda forever Filled with emotion, a new character was introduced that will be very important to the future of the MCU, as Dominic Thorne’s Riri Williams is set to become a major player in Phase 5 and beyond.

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set to appear next iron Heart On Disney+, Riri Williams is billed as Iron Man’s legacy hero in the MCU, even using Stark tech to design her own prototype Ironheart armor. Whereas Black Panther: Wakanda Forever gave viewers a brief glimpse into the life of Riri Williams, iron Heart is set to explore even more of her backstory, specifically focusing on her life in Chicago as well as her talent for testing at MIT, and her possible relationship with the MCU’s Tony Stark . wakanda forever Might have also provided the perfect tease for making a villainous outfit a key aspect of Williams’ MCU journey.

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Riri Williams’ father works for The Ten Rings at Marvel Comics

Riri Williams is a fairly new addition to Marvel Comics, making a cameo appearance in May 2016. Invincible Iron Man #7 before its full launch in July Invincible Iron Man #9, Since joining the Young Avengers, Williams has been part of some major Marvel Comics storylines, including a storyline in 2019 that revealed her father, who was previously thought to have been killed in a gas station robbery were still alive. Adding fuel to the fire, Demetrius Williams is revealed to have joined the Ten Rings after faking his death, and has acquired the ability to manipulate stone and sand, operating under the moniker of Dune.

The Ten Rings are one of the oldest organizations in the MCU, having been introduced in 2008 as captives of Tony Stark. iron Manand seen as a constant in his life since Stark’s capture. iron Man 3 saw a parody of the Ten Rings by Aldrich Killian, but Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings The true leader of the group, Xu Wenwu, debuted as Shang-Chi’s own father. The inclusion of the Ten Rings in Phase 4 of the MCU, and the reveal that Xu Xiaoling has taken control of the organization, establishes him as a major player in the future of the MCU, with Demetrius Williams already one of his soldiers. Will be working as ,

How The Ten Rings Could Appear In Ironheart

Riri Williams aka Ironheart in Black Panther Wakanda Forever and Ironheart

Demetrius Williams was referred during Phase 4 Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, as Riri reveals that it was her father who left her the red muscle car that Okoye would use during his initial escape from the CIA operatives. While it was assumed that Riri was discussing her father, who she believes to be dead, it is possible that Demetrius Williams could be revealed to be alive. iron HeartPresumably Riri coming back to life and wielding the Ten Rings in her escape as Ironheart. iron Heart The battle between magic and machine has been confirmed to explore, but it would make sense for the Ten Rings to have some involvement as well.

appearance of the ten rings iron Heart Iron Man’s legacy in the MCU will help cement Riri Williams as the hero, as the only thing currently connecting the heroes is the fact that both use Stark technology to design their suits of armor. If Riri Williams also tackles some of Iron Man’s MCU enemies, a more solid connection would be made, especially now that the Ten Rings have seen a significant amount of development during Phase 4. The Ten Rings have always been shown to be obsessed with Stark’s technology. , so there’s no doubt they could have tracked down Riri Williams during iron Heart,

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Ironheart may appear in Shang-Chi 2

Simu Liu as Shang-Chi in the MCU

Although Shang-Chi 2 While there is currently no set release date, it can be assumed that Destin Daniel Cretton’s sequel will release during Phase 6 of the MCU, establishing Shang-Chi as a major character for the multiverse saga. avengers: kong dynasty And avengers: secret wars, There’s no doubt that the Ten Rings will play an important role Shang-Chi 2, This is especially true now that Shang-Chi’s sister has taken control of the organization, so if a connection is made between the Ten Rings and Riri Williams iron HeartMCU’s Iron Man replacement may appear in the upcoming sequel.

It’s unclear how prominent the Ten Rings will be to the future of the MCU, but there are theories that the physical Ten Rings that were gifted to Shang-Chi by his dying father are actually relics belonging to Kang the Conqueror, So it is possible that this will become a major storyline. Demetrius Williams’ debut could forge stronger bond between projects in Phase 5 of the MCU, bringing Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, iron HeartAnd Shang-Chi 2 All in all, while this will be an emotional story for Riri Williams in the same plot, the debut of her father could be a major turning point in her journey to becoming an MCU superhero.

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