Venom 3 Needs To Explore Eddie’s Toxic Relationship With The Symbiote

Venom 3 must address the increasingly toxic relationship between its two main characters, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and the Venom symbiote. Serving as the new “Lethal Protector” of San Francisco, they have bonded for several years now, but their partnership remains mired in toxicity as the relationship between their counterparts in Marvel Comics grows closer and closer. When the antihero duo returns for the third and final film poison franchise, the true depth of their one-sided relationship should take center stage, revealing that Venom doesn’t really have Eddie’s best interests at heart.

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Venom 3 Sony is the final chapter in the franchise that kicked off a cinematic universe of Marvel-related characters, including Kraven the Hunter and Morbius the Living Vampire. As a result of the end of the trilogy, it is unclear what role Venom will play in future films. While there are rumors that Tom Hardy’s character could still return in films like avengers: secret wars And madam webThe fate of the deadly keeper remains quite mysterious. However, if the current situation between the Venom symbiote and Eddie Brock remains in place, there may not be much room for the bonded pair to appear in any future projects.

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The Venom symbiote is killing Eddie Brock

Although the Venom symbiote has allowed Eddie to cheat death on several occasions, the effect the alien parasite has on the human body is more likely to kill its host in the end than to save it. Marvel Comics proved as much with their portrayal of Venom’s relationship with Eddie. In the comics, it is revealed that Eddie had cancer prior to his relationship with Venom, who kept the disease at bay for years. However, this made Eddie strictly dependent on his symbiote to live, causing his health to rapidly deteriorate if he was ever separated from Venom. Sensing Eddie’s growing weakness, Venom ruthlessly leaves him to die in search of a stronger host.

When poison The franchise shifted the symbiote’s villainous characterization to make him an antihero, with the Lethal Protector still able to slowly kill Eddie Brock. Any human who has been Venom’s host for too long has died as a result and, although the symbiote claims Eddie is its ideal host, a similar fate will surely befall him as well. Finally, name “symbiosis” is a misnomer to describe Venom and other Klintar, as they do not form a symbiotic relationship with their hosts at all. Venom is not a symbiote, but a parasite, who uses his bond with Eddie Brock to serve himself and ultimately leave his host for dead.

The Venom Symbiote Was Never Really The Hero

Tom Hardy stands next to Venom's head in Venom Let There Be Carnage.

let there be carnage adopted a lighter tone than its predecessor in an attempt to frame its main characters’ actions as heroic, but inadvertently proved that the symbiote isn’t actually a hero – and never has been. Though Eddie and Venom have named themselves the deadly protectors of San Francisco, even their chosen names betray each unit’s motivation. Eddie wants to be a savior, helping those in trouble. Poison, on the other hand, desires to kill. If Venom has to protect the innocent in order to avoid killing the bad guys, he’ll pretend to be a hero in order to continue his deadly agenda.

Marvel Comics has proven time and time again that the Venom symbiote is powerfully brutal by nature, and not even light-hearted movies can change that. let the carnage happen This is proven in the main conflict between Eddie and Venom in the film, which shows their disagreement over how to defend the city. It becomes clear that the pair’s heroic actions are the result of Eddie’s efforts, not Venom’s. Ultimately, the symbiote facilitates Eddie’s heroism but has little desire to act as a hero himself. Between their bond in both films, Eddie alone proves to be the hero, not Venom.

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Can Eddie ever free himself from the Venom symbiote?

Split image of Venom and Eddie Brock

In the midst of their incredibly toxic relationship, Eddie Brock can still free himself by becoming the Marvel hero known as Anti-Venom. In the comics, Eddie becomes the Anti-Venom after being abandoned by the symbiote, causing him to die of cancer. However, as he stood at death’s door, Eddie encountered Martin Lee, otherwise known as Mister Negative, whose powers inadvertently cured his cancer. When the Venom symbiote attempts to selfishly re-bond with Eddie, its presence causes an adverse reaction to his new antibodies, creating a new hero. Anti-Venom emerged with the ability to unleash superpowers, notably those provided by the Venom symbiote.

poison The franchise could see Eddie ready to become Anti-Venom after realizing the symbiote’s villainous intentions. In addition to an amazing costume, Anti-Venom has a better future as a superhero than Venom ever could. As Anti-Venom, Eddie can finally take full control of his crime fighting career, using his powers to truly help people and free the world from the presence of malevolent symbiotes like Venom. At the end, Venom 3 Eddie could serve as the end of a chapter in Brock’s life and the beginning of a bright new day for the rising superhero, free from the toxic influence that once held him back from achieving his full potential.

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