Tom Holland’s Spider-Man & Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock Clash In Venom 3 Fan-Made Trailer

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man collides with Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock in a new look Venom 3 fan made trailer. despite the shortage morbiusSony’s Spider-Man Universe continues to grow with new and returning franchises. one of them is the chain that started this universe which is poison, starring Hardy as the iconic anti-hero. it’s been almost three years Venom: Let There Be Carnage Hit the theaters during the global pandemic. However, the sequel was a success which led to Venom 3 It is being greenlit by Sony Pictures.

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a lot of people are wondering Venom 3 especially after Eddie’s arrival is going to focus Spider-Man: No Way Home, Hardy’s character was briefly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before being sent back to his own world.

screen culture issued a Venom 3 The fan-made trailer served as a proof of concept for what the sequel might focus on. suitable title Venom: Along Came a Spider Holland and Hardy’s respective symbiotes collide.

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Everything We Know About Venom 3

currently, Venom 3 No set release date has been given by Sony Pictures after CinemaCon in 2022. While Andy Serkis directed the final installment, Venom 3 Will be directed by Kelly Marcel. The filmmaker is no stranger to the franchise, as Marcel wrote and produced the first two poison Movies. Venom 3 It will also mark Marcel’s directorial debut as she will close out the trilogy.

Hardy is the only confirmed returning cast member thus far. Venom 3, The British star is also co-writing the screenplay with Marcel after working Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Michelle Williams, who plays Anne Weing, has expressed interest in returning Venom 3, The sequel is in pre-production until February 2023 after Hardy shared an update on Instagram.

If Venom 3 As Hardy’s last time as the iconic Marvel character, the threequel will need to end with a big bang. Venom 3 Filming is likely to begin later this year, which means casting should be revealed in a few months. As Venom 3 At the end of the series, it will be interesting to see where they go for Eddie’s final adventure.

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