Thor’s Worst MCU Movies Needed To Swap Villains

chris hemsworth movies with worst reaction of mcu, Thor: The Dark World And thor: love and thunder, if they had swapped their main villains, they could have made more of an impact. Kenneth Branagh thor Established Thor, Loki, Jane Foster, and all of the Asgardian mythology that continues to shape the MCU to this day. Years later, Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder was a breath of fresh air with a humorous take on the character. However, their direct sequels could not replicate the magic of their predecessors.

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Thor: The Dark Worldfailed to build on the ambitious plot and clichéd villain thorAnd thor: love and thunderThe zero-stakes storyline and overblown comedy have hurt the character’s credibility. In Thor: The Dark WorldChristopher Eccleston didn’t have much room to explore Malekith as a character, and in thor: love and thunderChristian Bale’s terrifying take on Gorr was lost amid Taika Waititi’s extraordinary directing style. With this in mind, it would have been more appropriate to have both thor MCU movies to swap villains.

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The MCU’s Gorr and Malekith are the total opposite of their comic counterparts

In Marvel Comics, Gorr the God Butcher is a deeply sadistic figure with genocidal goals. He adopts a nihilistic persona and acquires the Necrosword to slay every god in the universe. Malekith is the polar opposite of Gorr, as he is a volatile villain who simply enjoys inflicting pain on his enemies and is not afraid to display it. Visually, Gorr is a truly black-and-white character, while Malekith looks particularly extravagant, with long white hair, blue and black skin, and a colorful outfit. Considering Thor: The Dark WorldDeep voice of thor: love and thunderlight-hearted style, it would have been more appropriate for him to star in someone else’s film.

What would have been a controversial Thor sequel with swapped villains

Thor in the Dark World and Love and Thunder

exchange between Thor: The Dark WorldMalekith and thor: love and thunderGorr the God Butcher must have helped both thor The sequels give a more cohesive story. Thor: The Dark World The aftermath of Loki’s supposed death and Frigga’s actual demise left Thor in a dark place, so integrating the story of Gorr’s own loss into this part of Thor’s journey must have added to its emotional weight. Without Jane Foster’s transformation into Mighty Thor and Taika Waititi’s signature brand of humor to undercut it, Christian Bale’s Gorr would have had more room to evolve into a more complex character.

thor: love and thunderThat, in turn, could give Christopher Eccleston more freedom to take his MCU villains in more innovative directions. The actor could have had more fun with Malekith had he been given more opportunities for comedy, action, and camp, compared to Malekith’s drab characterization. Thor: The Dark World, A comically-accurate Malekith could have avoided even the tonal clash that Bale’s Gorr did with the rest of thor: love and thunderAnd if Thor isn’t a key figure in the Odinson’s MCU journey, Malekith could have at least been a fun villain for Thor to face.

Thor’s future MCU needs better villain-tone balance

Thor, Kang and Hercules in the MCU.

Although Thor: The Dark World And thor: love and thunder are divisive MCU entries, their flaws in execution rather than concept. Phase 2 has a universal threat and a mild post-endgame Adventures in Phase 4 are appropriate ideas. However, the balance between the proposed tone of the films and their main villain, who drives the plot, is key to making them work. like baron zemo perfect fit for captain america civil warEarth base and Thanos was a perfect fit for avengers: infinity war And avengers: endgameIn the larger-than-life stories of Thor, Thor’s enemies needed to fit the tone and style of each of Thor’s MCU stories.

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thor: love and thunderThe first post-credits scene set up a final battle between Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Brett Goldstein’s Hercules. This is a solid opportunity to strike the right villain-voice balance in a future Thor appearance. Hercules’ cheerful personality is well suited for color films thor: love and thunderBut his ominous promise to bring glory back to the gods after Zeus’s near-death experience promises an equally dark film. Thor: The Dark World Tried to be Whatever tone Thor’s next MCU appearance chooses to explore, its villain needs to fit appropriately.

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