Thor’s Next Big Design Change Was Cleverly Set Up In MCU Phase 4

thorA lot has changed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the years, but the next big change for Chris Hemsworth’s character was cleverly set up in Phase 4. The God of Thunder is known for one of the saddest stories. The entire universe, and the harm it has suffered, is often reflected in its physical appearance. The end of Phase 3 changed Thor’s appearance dramatically as his long blonde hair was chopped off, he lost an eye, Mjolnir was destroyed, and he gained significant weight. avengers: endgame, Thor’s design changes may continue when Chris Hemsworth returns.

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Phase 4 returned to the classic design of Thor. Till then thor: love and thunderis coming to an end, with Thor looking exactly as he did before his form underwent so many changes through a series of traumatic events. He has longer hair and regains his Asgardian physique throughout the film, while Thor’s altered eye color is also changed to match his natural color. The MCU also gave Thor Mjolnir again after Jane Foster’s death. It might seem like the return of Thor’s classic look is a sign that Marvel has changed its look, but developments in Phase 4 could bring another change.

Thor’s tragic MCU story may include losing another hand

It’s possible that the MCU will continue the tragic story of Thor losing an arm further. I saw this happen Thor: The Dark World When Loki cuts off his hand, however, it was all an illusion to trick Malekith. However, Thor losing an arm is a huge moment pulled straight from the comics. it happened in praise of jason aaron thor series when Thor fought Malekith on Earth. After the thunder god was rendered incapable of lifting Mjolnir, the dark elf villain used Thor’s new ax Jernbjörn to chop off Thor’s arm. This was part of the events that led to Jane Foster becoming the Mighty Thor.

The twist of Thor losing an arm in Marvel Comics resulted in him getting various replacement arms until the relaunch by Donnie Cates. thor Brought back the god of chain and thunderbolt hand. This included Thor-like choices like getting a metal arm made from Uru, the same metal that made Mjolnir, and even using an arm from an Asgardian destroyer. Given how sad Thor’s MCU story has been and the potential upcoming battle with Kang the Conqueror, Marvel Studios has a chance to remove a limb from him. It would also be somewhat fitting, since Thor chopped off Thanos’ hand avengers: endgame,

Rocket can give Bucky’s arm to Thor after the fourth stage

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Rocket with Bucky's arm

Marvel may have already foreshadowed Thor’s design change by offering a way for Chris Hemsworth’s character to get a new arm in the MCU. Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special featured Nebula giving Bucky’s metal arm to Rocket as a gift. It’s unclear what the arm will be used for in the future, but it would be an odd development to include if not with payment in mind. Thor may lose his arm where Marvel may finally understand this decision.

Marvel could tease Thor who lost his arm in the multiverse saga by laying out breadcrumbs for what would be used to replace his missing limb. Since Rocket had already given Thor his replacement eye, the creature affectionately called Rabbit can give Thor Bucky’s arm to fix the other problem. This would be a shocking decision for thordesign to include such a significant change, but it’s also a clever answer to why Rocket got Bucky’s arm.

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