The MCU’s X-Men Reboot Has To Break An Annoying Fox Franchise Trend

marvel is coming X Men A reboot, whether it’s a movie or a TV show, is an opportunity to break an annoying Fox X-Men franchise trend. So far, the MCU’s X-Men introductions have been limited to Patrick Stewart’s Professor X Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and mention “mutation” And “mutant” during Ms. Marvel And Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, respectively. Other than this X-Men ’97 revival and deadpool 3An X-Men-related Marvel Studios project has yet to be announced.

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Rebooting the X-Men universe for the MCU will not be an easy task. Unlike the Fantastic Four, which never really took off on the big screen, the X-Men led their own cinematic franchise for more than two decades. Still, there’s plenty of room for Marvel to set its X-Men reboot apart from the previous film, especially if the MCU corrects the mistakes from the Fox franchise.

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Fox X-Men franchise wrote off a lot of characters between films

One major problem with the Fox X-Men saga is how it wrote out a lot of important mutant characters between films. in the first from Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants X Men (2000), for example, returned only for Mystique. x-men 2, X Men The sequel introduced Nightcrawler, one of the best things about the original Fox X-Men movies, yet didn’t return for the character X-Men: The Last Stand, Not to mention X-Men characters introduced in the Wolverine film, such as Gambit or the Blob, who only served as supporting characters on Logan’s journey and never returned. What’s interesting is that most of these characters weren’t killed off – they just didn’t come back.

The X-Men prequel timeline made some similar mistakes, especially by going X-Men: First Class To x-Men: Days of Future Past, Most Of The First Class Of Charles Xavier’s X-Men Didn’t Return In A Greater Capacity days of Future Past, a sequel that did not see the return of Hellfire Club characters such as Emma Frost. Other examples are Angel and Psylocke, who were introduced in x men apocalypse but i didn’t see X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Obviously, each instance of X-Men characters who didn’t return for the next film happened for different reasons — story decisions, the availability of actors — but it was a franchise problem nonetheless.

The character history of the MCU is good news for the X-Men

MODOK Ant-Man Quantumania Darren Cross

The high level of interconnectedness of the MCU, something that has defined the franchise since Nick Fury appeared iron ManIn the post-credits scene, there’s good news for the X-Men. It’s rare for Marvel to leave a character forever, even when recasting is involved. From major characters like the original Avengers to villains who seemed one-off antagonists for the heroes to face, the MCU is always looking to revisit established names. The most recent example was Darren Cross, Ant-Man’s villain during Phase 2 of the MCU, who returned as MODOK for Marvel’s Phase 5. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania,

another example is the incredible HulkK Samuel Stearns, who returns to the MCU Captain America: New World Order Now as a leader. Such an approach to the ever-expanding Marvel Universe helps keep the MCU as an interconnected franchise in which every entry is important, which is exactly what Marvel’s X-Men reboot needs. There are dozens of X-Men characters – hundreds of non-X Men Mutants – that the MCU will be able to incorporate going forward. It’s exciting to have so many possibilities, but it can only work if every character brought to the screen feels like more than just a one-off mutant presence that will soon be written off.

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