The MCU Is In An Awkward Spot With The Blip

Marvel Studios needs to decide what stories to tell marvel cinematic universe Five year blip. avengers: infinity war The Mad Titan saw Thanos complete his mission to collect all six Infinity Stones, wipe out half the universe’s population, and leave the future of some of the MCU’s most iconic heroes ambiguous. avengers: endgame Picking up five years later, and showing some of the effects of Thanos’ snap in its opening scenes, the remaining Avengers are taken on their time heist mission to bring back their lost loved ones. dubbed blip Spider-Man: Far From HomeMarvel Studios has avoided directly exploring the five-year gap in the timeline.

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Phase 4 of the MCU settled a lot of the aftermath avengers: endgame and the end of the Infinity Saga. This included showing small glimpses of the effects of the MCU’s blip, such as seeing Monica Rambeau return to a disused hospital wandavisionImplementation of GRC falcon and winter soldierYelena Belova is returning in HawkeyeAnd Scott Lang questions his lost time with Cassie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania, However, the widespread effects of the five-year blip and many of the events that occurred during the blip have been ignored in the MCU, which is a problem for Marvel Studios.

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The MCU needs to either embrace it or move on from the blip

The disappearance of half the universe’s population for five years would have a monumental effect on society, lasting decades after the catastrophe, but the world the MCU is practically back to normal pretty quickly avengers: endgame, A few scenes from Phase 4 of the MCU have touched on the blip, but the fact that the blip hasn’t been fully explored is only made weirder by these little moments. Marvel Studios must either dive deep into the blip and fully embrace it as a pivotal moment in the MCU timeline, or move on entirely and let audience imaginations fill in the gaps.

How The MCU Can Finally Do The Blip Justice

Steve Rogers during the Blip in Avengers Endgame

Since the debut of the long-form TV series in the MCU on Disney+, rumors have been swirling about a possible series set during the five-year blip. While this speculation has not been substantiated by Marvel Studios, a Disney+ series set during the Blip would be the perfect way to show the magnitude of the event, and the non-superhero world, to deal with the direct consequences of Thanos’ actions on society. For , and the inner worlds of the heroes of the MCU. Five years are missing from the current timeline of the MCU, as only detected during the end of the Blip avengers: endgameSo Marvel Studios has a wealth of opportunities when developing a Blip-centric series.

black mother Retrospective adventures for the MCU’s established superheroes proved to never really go as planned, but a Disney+ series set during the blip could serve to introduce new heroes that are perhaps more relevant to the MCU’s current society Will be This type of chain might also fit well marvel cinematic universe The Multiverse Saga, as it is believed will feature some time travel escape in the fight against Kang the Conqueror, which could see the Avengers landing during the Blip. Either way, Marvel Studios needs to stop skirting around the blip, and instead put the tragic period in Earth’s history straight into the spotlight.

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