The MCU Has Already Set Up 5 Villains Bigger Than Kang

marvel cinematic universe has already established five villains more powerful than their current big bad, Kang the Conqueror. While the time traveler from the 31st century is the main villain of the multiverse saga, he isn’t necessarily the biggest threat lurking in the MCU. Marvel’s Phase 4 projects indicate that, like the world depicted in the comics, the MCU is filled with characters threatening not only Earth, but the entire universe.

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Of course, the heroes of the MCU are expected to be busy for a while with Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror. Judging by the number of his appearances by the end of Phase 6, Kang may be looking to cast a long shadow over the MCU. In addition to fighting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes avengers: kong dynastyHe may or may not come back as their rival avengers: secret wars, Given the overwhelming amount of attention given to Kang right now, it can be easy to overlook other, potentially more powerful foes. Depending on how they are used, they could be villains in projects released after Phase 6, if not before. So far Marvel has decided five villains more dangerous than Kang.


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness That laid the groundwork for Chthon to enter the picture at some point in the future of the MCU. Directly mentioned in the film by Wong, Chothan was described as a demonic being and the author of the Darkhold. Apparently, it was he who coined the prophecy of the Scarlet Witch. This development was taken directly from the comics, where the Chha’an were revealed as the reason for the Scarlet Witch’s destructive ability. In Marvel Comics, it was stated that Chthon infused a fraction of his Chaos Magic power into Wanda’s body upon her birth on the mountain, centuries after she was trapped in Mount Wundagore.

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This was intended to turn the Scarlet Witch into a catalyst for her return. It was always her intention for the Scarlet Witch to wreak havoc on Earth when she finally escaped her imprisonment. doctor strange 2 saw his temple fall, but didn’t rule out Chthon’s emergence in a future MCU film. In fact, it is heavily theorized that Chothan was the real villain of the film. His history of manipulating people from his prison makes it a real possibility that Chothan quietly influenced Scarlet Witch’s actions in the interest of using her power to gain his freedom. if scarlet witch comes back after doctor strange 2Chothan may one day get a second chance to escape, possibly a son of midnight movie.


In Marvel Comics, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch fight demons.

moon night The additions to the MCU mythos opened the door for another member of the Elder Gods – Set – to join the MCU. In Moon Knight Episode 4, Khonshu was imprisoned along with some of his fellow Egyptian gods. Who they are and why they’ll be locked up weren’t explained, but this particular reveal could mark the official MCU introduction of a major Marvel Comics villain. Since Set is an Egyptian god, it is not impossible that he is one of the trapped gods. If true, Marvel could use this reveal to introduce one of the most powerful artifacts in the Marvel Universe, the Serpent Crown. In the comic books, the Serpent Crown is seen as a conduit for the Lord’s return.

Due to its absurdly high power level, the set has been the subject of several crossover events. Efforts to weaponize the Serpent Crown have prompted heroes such as the Avengers, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and more to rally together to prevent his return from coming to pass. By drawing on this particular interpretation of the mythological deity, Marvel could unleash one of its strongest villains on the MCU.


Mephisto laughs in Marvel Comics.

The many misdirects and teases that ultimately went in different directions generated all kinds of theories about the MCU’s Mephisto debut. Various details added to Marvel’s take on Satan doctor strange 2, wandavision, bottle gourd, Even more Spider-Man: No Way Home, None of these panned, but a valid Mephisto tee can be found in Phase 4, regardless. In she hulk Episode 4, a wizard named Donnie Blaze opens a portal to a demon realm. One of the show’s characters, Madisyn, spent some time there offscreen and encountered a goat demon who tried to bargain her for his soul. By confirming that this dimension exists in the MCU, Marvel created a world for Mephisto to live in that is consistent with Marvel’s depiction of Hell and the ways of the demons who live there. And, if rumors of Sasha Baron Cohen’s Mephisto project are to be believed, the villain may officially join the MCU even before Kang is defeated.

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starting as a Fantastic Four villain, Annihilus developed into a top tier villain when Marvel launched Destruction crossover story. Leading an army called the Annihilation Wave, Annihilus poses a threat to all life in the universe, forcing even Thanos to align with the heroes. Based on the damage he’s done, it’s not hard to imagine Annihilus showing up as a villain in a cosmic MCU movie. there was a good chance that one day Ms. Marvel The season finale, which teased the Negative Zone, Annihilus’ prison in Marvel Comics.

In the episode, Kamala Khan’s bracelet causes her to swap places with Captain Marvel in a moment reminiscent of a comic story where the original Captain Marvel and Rick Jones shared a similar bond. Upon beating the Nega-Band together, Rick would be transported to a dimension called the Negative Zone, and Mar-Vell—already stuck there—would later leave and take Rick’s place on this Earth. Borrowing this story, Ms. Marvel The stage is set to get a fair introduction in the negative territory Miracle, If that happens, the MCU would have an easy way to bring in Annihilus.


Null King in Marvel Comics

Null, a relatively new character in Marvel’s villain library, has a path to the MCU after Phase 4. Like Chthon and Set, Null is one of the oldest and strongest beings in the history of the Marvel Universe. He is also the creator of the symbiote, thus forming an intrinsic link between him and Venom, who exist in the MCU through the multiverse. The first symbiote born of his power was the all-black The Necrosword, a weapon wielded by Gor the God Butcher. The MCU avoids confirming the sword’s symbiote status, but the way it slowly corrupts Gorr seems to support this connection. since thor: love and thunder hasn’t given a concrete answer as to who created it, Marvel may have plans to pass on Knoll at a later date.

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