The MCU Has Already Revealed Its Most Powerful Kang Variant

Via Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania, Marvel has already revealed the most powerful version of Kang in the MCU. In addition to shining a light on Kang the Conqueror in the third Ant-Man film, Marvel unveiled four more takes on Majora’s MCU characters. Afterwards quantum frenzyThere are now five different versions of Kang in the MCU canon.

Several Kangas are expected to be on hand when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes enter the equation, with three in particular likely to be integral to their plans. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania The post-credits scene set up Immortus, Ram-Tut, and a character who may or may not be the Scarlet Centurion as future villains for the heroes of the MCU to deal with. Presumably, they’ll be among the many battles the Avengers will have to fight avengers: kong dynasty, Given that each is a variant of a major Avengers villain, they’re all certainly challenging adversaries. As for which Kang is the biggest threat in the MCU’s multiverse, it looks like the character in question has already been introduced.

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Immortus explained in Marvel Comics

In Marvel Comics, the most dangerous version of Kang is none other than Immortus. introduced in avengers #10, Immortus represents a later point in Kang’s timeline. After years of orchestrating all kinds of time travel shenanigans, the time traveler from the 31st century rebranded himself as Immortus. Calling himself the Master of Time, Immortus rules a dimension called Limbo. From there, a being that exists outside of time is able to remotely manipulate the timestream and observe the various goings-on in the Marvel Universe. This makes it easy for him to work out the best ways to take his plans forward.

With his impressive level of control over the timestream, Immortus can deploy characters from any point in the timeline. He has been known to summon figures from both ancient history and the Avengers’ respective pasts. Immortus is also adept at altering the timeline to suit his whims. Over the years, Immortus has successfully influenced the lives of other people who were not aware of their involvement until they were made aware of their actions. He has also played a key role in many of the Avengers’ battles alongside Kang, sometimes on his counterpart’s side. On other occasions, he helped the Avengers stop Kang, but always for an ulterior motive.

Why Immortus Is More Dangerous Than Other Kong Variants

Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror of the MCU

Based on his comic history, Immortus is poised to be very different from the Kang that Ant-Man fought quantum frenzy, Most versions of Kang in the comics represent a particular period in the character’s timeline. Ram-tut who is Kang Was, while Immortus is the one who has the potential to become Kang. In a sense, Immortus is the ultimate version of Kang in that he marks the completion of the Marvel villain’s journey. Being much older than Kang, Immortus has accomplished most of the things Kang would go on to do during his life. It is because of those achievements and experiences that Immortus is more dangerous to the Avengers than most Kang variants.

Immortus, who is less prone to the same impulsive mistakes that Kang often makes in his fights with the Avengers, is comparatively more level-headed and calculated in his actions. Highly methodical and patient in his approach, Immortus is less interested in direct confrontation with the Avengers and more willing to work things in his favor behind the scenes on a long-term basis. By taking this course, Immortus can eliminate obstacles without setbacks, such as when Immortus used his command over the timestream to silently push the Hulk to leave the Avengers, thus weakening the team.

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Is Immortus the main villain of Avengers 5?

Immortus takes away a possessed Wanda as Quicksilver appears in Marvel Comics.

if one is the main villain of kong avengers: kong dynastyThe Kang version probably isn’t optimally equipped to fill that role. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania Immortal. As the oldest, wisest, and most capable version of Kang, Immortus should know the Avengers inside and out. Since he should know what he wants for the Council of Congs, it makes sense for him to act as their leader as they move forward with their plans in Phase 6. Under his leadership, the Council of Kangas can use subtle, easy-to-remember changes to the timeline to hurt the Avengers and lower their chances of victory. It will be difficult for the Avengers to defeat an adversary who could turn to his past.

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