The MCU Can Easily Introduce A Major Cosmic Team Sooner Than You Think

mcu What a unique opportunity to conveniently feature another major cosmic team from the comics. Franchise sees first significant expansion in stars Guardians of the Galaxy, and since then, it has been increasingly included as related to the Infinity Stones. Now that it’s a multiverse saga, the focus has changed. Still, 2023 is actually a relatively cosmic age for Phase 5 and the MCU Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, MiracleAnd secret attack to some extent. Besides, a new star The series is reportedly in the works and could possibly be on the slate for Phase 6.

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The MCU has a lot on its plate now, such as Kang’s fate within the main narrative of the multiverse saga. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania And how it opens up possibilities for franchising. Even so, they’re still readying themselves to jump into hyperspace for all kinds of cosmic adventures. There’s so much more to explore, so many more characters to introduce. Throughout Phase 4, they’ve subtly paved the way for more powerful and intriguing cosmic team-ups, with the introduction of characters like Monica Rambeau, The Eternals, and Eternity.

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The MCU is only one member away from a final team-up

The MCU is already set to introduce another team of cosmic heroes, the Ultimates. It already has Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Monica Rambeau and America Chavez at its disposal. All that’s missing is Blue Marvel, one of Marvel’s most powerful yet unrecognizable heroes. Ultimates were first formed in 2015 the avengers Vol. 6 #0 by Al Elving and Kenneth Rocafort. They served as a team of the mightiest heroes capable of defending Earth from cosmic threats. Importantly, they are joined by Galactus, who was almost included in Phase 4 and will certainly play a bigger role in the future of the MCU.

The team is quite revolutionary for the comic book landscape as it is predominantly female and not a single member is a Caucasian male. In the MCU, with Shuri taking command of Black Panther, the Blue Marvel will be the only male member. On top of that, Ultimates will fit snugly into the franchise’s expanding universe alongside the larger MCU and offer a different kind of team-up as opposed to the classic the avengers Approach Only one thing stands in their way – the introduction of the Blue Marvel. Thankfully, their imminent arrival is easily doable.

Blue deserves to join the Marvel MCU

Blue Marvel from Marvel Comic.

Adam Brashear, aka Blue Marvel, is one of Marvel’s composites for Superman like Hyperion, Ikaris, Gladiator, and Sentry, who is also eligible to join the MCU. As such a force, he could certainly challenge for the title of MCU’s strongest Avenger when it arrives, yet he remains relatively unknown. Blue Marvel debuted in 2008 Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1 by Kevin Grevioux and Matt Broom, so the MCU doesn’t have decades of comics to draw on. Still, his personal history is strong and intriguingly ripe for connecting him to all kinds of existing heroes in the MCU.

Their origins trace them back to the 1960s, during which an experiment went classically wrong. He transformed into a static antimatter reactor capable of manipulating antimatter and energy for powerful attacks, healing, invulnerability, superspeed, and superstrength. All of this was given to him thanks to the Negative Zone, an alternate dimension key to the future of the MCU. His powers also give him a long life and make him age much more slowly than normal humans, allowing him to act as a hero in the 80s fighting other powerhouses like Hyperion and Ant-Man.

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Blue Marvel’s past coincidentally parallels Isaiah Bradley’s story. He acted as a hero upon gaining his powers, but the world was deemed not ready for a black superhero, so he was forced into retirement. While he didn’t suffer the same horrific fate as Bradley—imprisoned and experimented on by his own government for three decades—Brashear’s story thematically resonates. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if Brashear’s transformation in the MCU is tied to the Super Soldier program and Bradley.

An Ultimates Team-Up Is Perfect For After Avengers: Secret Wars

Marvel Comic's Ultimates team.

The MCU Is Slowly Gearing Up For Another Epic Crossover Event avengers: kong dynasty with the Council of Congresses and finally avengers: secret wars, possibly with Doctor Doom. As such, just like in the comics, the Ultimates may come into play after everyone has passed and the MCU’s multiverse is restored. Interestingly, this could be another project that really sets up the need for a team of cosmic heroes defending Earth. secret attack And its results will set the stage for Earth to defend itself against more galactic invasions. Additionally, with the advent of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, cosmic stories will surely become more and more prevalent.

Introduction to Ultimates avengers: secret wars Will come at the right time as this will be another moment of transition and reform as Phase 4 gets underway avengers: endgame, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 being told last Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so the MCU may be in need of a new cosmic team. The Ultimates could act more like the Galactic Avengers and help showcase a small team with unique dynamics and incredibly vast powers. As such, the Ultimates would be a great choice for getting their own movie with the Avengers, Thunderbolts, Young Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and other teams.

Who else could be joining the Ultimates of the MCU?

Cosmic hero of Marvel Comics.

The MCU likely wants the Ultimates to grow beyond the five original members. Therefore, other major cosmic heroes may find themselves on the roster of the MCU’s Ultimates. Available options currently abound with the likes of Thor, Valkyrie – playing her in fans shipping alongside Captain Marvel – and possibly any surviving member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. It would be fun to see Groot or Adam Warlock working with Blue Marvel and Black Panther. Additionally, Nova should understand new star The TV show takes place in episode 6 as expected. Even the Wasp or Kamala Khan could be good additions, especially given the latter’s updated powers.

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There are even more possibilities on the horizon for other cosmic heroes to come into play. Quasar is one of the most prominent figures to be introduced yet and is linked to major cosmic beings who will potentially join the MCU in Eternity down the line. He’s a shoo-in for Ultimates membership. The other Captain Marvels, Janis-Vell and Philla-Vell, are right next to him. They both have easy links to the MCU, and either would be welcome additions to this team. Ultimates is full of untapped potential. all the mcu All you have to do is introduce Blue Marvel and they’ll unlock a universe full of exciting possibilities to explore.

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