The MCU Already Teased How Dangerous Vampires Will Be In Blade

Marvel Cinematic Universe will bring vampires to the forefront blade, and they will be among the most powerful villains the franchise has seen based on previous teases. Years of teases about vampires in the MCU have grown noticeably since it was announced that Mahershala Ali would be starring as Eric Brooks in a solo film. it involved meeting a vampire She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and listening to the sound of the blade eternal‘ post-credits scene. Despite various teases of the bloodthirsty creatures, it appears Marvel is waiting blade releases them to unveil themselves completely.

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it would not be fair blade Movie without too many vampires, as Mahershala Ali’s vampire hunter character must face a significant number of them. It is also expected that there will be a major Marvel vampire like Dracula bladeThe villain of Once the MCU begins using him as a means of expanding the supernatural side of the franchise, audiences will get to see him in action. Vampires are naturally powerful thanks to super strength, healing factors and more abilities. But, MCU is already installed bladeVampire villains in a significant power-level range.

Vampires Are As Dangerous As Thanos, Loki And Other Villains

mcu installed in bottle gourd Season 1 shows that vampires are powerful and dangerous villains like Thanos, Loki and others. revealed during bottle gourd Episode 4 when Hunter B-15 mentions vampires in the same breath as the Kree, Titans and gods is what causes the Time Variance Authority the most trouble. The line associated with established MCU villains such as Ronan the Accuser or Yon-Rogg (who are both Kree), Thanos (a Titan), and Loki (a god). mentioning vampires in one sentence because these characters prove how dangerous they would be blade,

Despite the redemption Loki has found over the years, he’s still one of the MCU’s longest-running threats. bottle gourd It further proved just how big a threat his variants could be to the multiverse as well. Thanos’ status as the greatest MCU villain of all time is undeniable, as he managed to collect the Infinity Stones and wipe out half of all life in the universe. If TVA considers vampires to be as dangerous as Loki or Thanos, that’s a great indication of how powerful they are. bladeLet’s be vampires. This indicates that they can cause much bigger problems than the blades.

MCU’s Vampire Teases Hints At Blade’s Importance In Multiverse Saga

Doctor Strange is Blade in the Multiverse of Madness

Marvel has been teasing vampires as villains who pose a threat to the entire multiverse, making Blade’s introduction all the more significant. Instead of just being a character who tackles a small part of the supernatural corner of the MCU, Eric Brooks becomes someone who is potentially battling some of the most powerful villains in the entire multiverse. it means that blade There could be a multiverse-level threat without actually dealing with a multiverse story. This will help quickly establish Mahershala Ali’s Blade as one of the most formidable MCU heroes.

Vampires Might Not Play a Major Role in the Outside Multiverse Saga bladeBut setting up Eric Brooks like this is an opportunity to tease out why he’s needed avengers: kong dynasty Or avengers: secret wars, His experience fighting vampires over the course of several decades makes him suitable for joining the Avengers to fight the Council of Kangas. He’ll be no stranger to fighting big threats to the multiverse after encountering bladeK’s vampire villain and could help the Avengers deal with an even greater threat.

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