The Marvels Must Permanently Fix Captain Marvel’s Most Annoying MCU Trend

Miracle will see the return of captain marvel (Brie Larson), and as such, she has to fix one of her most annoying tendencies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU is now continuing its expansion with the Multiverse Saga, which in addition to introducing new heroes and villains in both movies and TV shows, it’s also continuing the stories of already established characters – and, in some cases, It is bringing together new and old characters. to cover even more in terms of narrative, settings, and events in the MCU, as is the case with Miraclesequel to captain marvel,

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Miracle The MCU will not only see the proper return of Carol Danvers, as she will be joined by two new female characters: Monica Rambeau (Teyona Paris) and Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel (Imaan Vellani). Miracle will follow the events of Ms. Marvel, where Kamala was last seen unintentionally swapping spots with her idol Carol Danvers after her bangle was broken. Kamala, Carol and Monica must team up to find out why they’re switching places with each other every time they use their powers, but Marvel has other things to solve and fix. MiracleMainly Carol’s most annoying tendency, which has also kept her from connecting with the other characters and the audience.

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Captain Marvel keeps leaving the Avengers for no reason

Like other MCU characters from their debut, captain marvel It told the origin story of Carol Danvers and her transformation into the title protagonist, and for her, it took viewers back to the 1990s. After defeating Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) and the Kree, Captain Marvel leaves Earth to help Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) and the Skrulls find a new home, but not without leaving Fury a modified pager, so that He could contact her in case of emergency. Fury then began working on the Avengers Initiative and saw no reason to call upon Captain Marvel until Thanos’ snap caused half the life in the universe, including her, to disappear. captain marvel is back avengers: endgamewhere she rescued Tony Stark and Nebula and joined the surviving Avengers to confront Thanos, but after that, her appearances gave way to an annoying trend.

After Thanos’ death, Captain Marvel rejoins the Avengers, but continues to help other planets, and only appears at a holo-conference with Natasha Romanoff, Rhodey, and Okoye, after telling them that Thanos’ Other planets were also struggling after the snap, he left. Captain Marvel returned during the Battle of Earth, but left shortly after Tony Stark’s funeral. Captain Marvel seen again in post-credits scene Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings In the holo-conference once again, now with Wong, Shang-Chi, Katie Chen, and Bruce Banner. Unexpectedly, Captain Marvel once again left abruptly, saying that they could get her number from Bruce, who admitted that he did not have her number and said that he “he does it all the time, The excuse that is always given is that Captain Marvel is busy helping other planets, but the MCU refuses to explain what exactly she is doing that she is always leaving so suddenly and it seems that he has no time for his fellow team members, and when he tried to turn it into a running-gag, it only hurt the character.

Captain Marvel May Be The Most Powerful And Interesting Character Of The MCU

Captain Marvel destroys the Kree fleet

Captain Marvel’s powers and abilities could make her the most powerful and interesting character in the MCU because she can cover more than most other superheroes, but Marvel has so far wasted her potential. Due to exposure to the Tesseract, Captain Marvel was granted superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, and reflexes, along with a regenerative healing factor, longevity, and cosmic energy manipulation, later giving her other abilities as well. Captain Marvel can harness cosmic energy in the form of energy blasts, use it to fly and glide, and channel it into her hands to burn, melt, and transcend solid metals. Because of this, Captain Marvel can help other planets in a way no one else can, but it is unknown what she has done since leaving Earth.

Captain Marvel’s absence and her sudden departure further alienate her from her fellow Avengers, and even though it is implied that she remains part of the team, from the audience’s point of view it is hard to believe that she has a bond with Is a fellow team member. Luckily, Captain Marvel now has direct ties to two other heroes, which may give her a reason to finally be on Earth and be a coherent part of the MCU, especially with a new crossover event fast approaching.

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Marvels May Finally Give Carol Danvers A Reason To Stay On Earth

Marvel poster with Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel and Photon

Captain Marvel has ties to her Miracle co-stars Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan, though in different ways: Carol met Monica when she was young because she was close friends with her mother, Maria Rambeau, and it may have inspired her to eventually marry him. have recruited wandavisionWhile Kamala is a big fan of Captain Marvel, her bangle may have some connection to Carol’s as she switched places at the end Ms. Marvel, Monica and Kamala’s rise as superheroes as well as whatever is causing them to swap places may give captain marvel Reason enough to stay on Earth and finally work with his fellow Avengers in a more direct and personal way, eliminating his annoying tendency to always leave without explanation.

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