The Kang Dynasty May Be Improving Infinity War’s Best Villain Trick

avengers: kong dynasty maybe borrowing an important trick avengers: infinity war One of the greatest superhero movies ever. Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors) and his many multiverse variants are set to become the next main antagonists of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is currently in the middle of its Multiverse Saga story. A second assembly of variants known as Kang and the Council of Kangs will take on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Kang DynastyLeading in the events of avengers: secret warsHope to leave his mark on the franchise in the process.

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Before Kang, Thanos Brutally Challenged the Avengers infinity war, collecting the six Infinity Stones to wipe out half of all life in the known universe. Despite his truly heinous actions, Thanos quickly became an iconic character and is often regarded as one of the greatest villains in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Kang attempts to step into the Mad Titan’s stead, the multiverse saga’s main antagonist will inevitably draw comparisons to its predecessor. however, Kang Dynasty This Could Prove Marvel Learned All the Right Lessons From Thanos’ Crusade infinity warA foreshadowing of great things for Kang’s character.

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Kang Conqueror May Be the Hero of Kang Dynasty

Marvel could make Kang the hero of the Conqueror Kang Dynastystory, recounting a major decision Thanos made. This Is One of the Reasons Thanos Has Been Such a Popular Villain infinity war Took time to delve into his character properly, essentially making him the hero of the film. This situation didn’t make Thanos any less of a villain, but the story nonetheless focused on his plight. The Avengers, for all intents and purposes, became the antagonists of infinity war, their interference acting as an obstacle that Thanos had to overcome in order to complete his quest. of kong avengers 5 Chaap is all set to follow this trend.

Plus, with an even bigger cast infinity war, Kang Dynasty It desperately needs to adopt the same approach that its predecessor took in balancing multiple heroes. Not only this made Thanos a hero infinity war helped his character arc, but it also provided an easier way to handle the film’s massive cast. Kang Dynasty will struggle with this issue even more, with nearly twice the size infinity warhas been put in place to deal with. However, by following the narrative from the perspective of a single character, the film can balance its many characters by seeing them all through the eyes of Kong the Conqueror.

The villains of Kang Kang Dynasty may not be there at all

Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors) stares menacingly;  avengers: kong dynasty title card in background

Additionally, Kang may not actually be the main villain. Kang Dynasty Absolutely. Instead, the MCU is setting up the Council of Kangas to play a bigger role as the main antagonists of the multiverse saga. The Council of Congress makes its debut in the mid-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania, which features several Kong variants including the Scarlet Centurion, Pharaoh Ram-Tut, and Immortus, all portrayed by Jonathan Majors. These variants are shown to have an intensely malevolent design for the multiverse, such that Kang the Conqueror himself appears to be intimidated by their immense power, suggesting that they may be a greater threat than he is.

makes more sense as the main villain of the Council of Congress Kang Dynasty. These versions managed to exile Kang to the Quantum Realm, proving that they are far more powerful than the only version seeking to overthrow him. In addition, the versatile nature of the group lends itself better to crowdfunding. the avengers than a villain the franchise could ever be. it may be that Kang Dynasty Told through the perspective of Kang the Conqueror as he assembles the Avengers to aid him in defeating the Council of Kangs. With their combined power, the Avengers and Kang could finally end the Kang Dynasty.

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Kang’s villainous arc may be saved for Secret Wars

Kang in Avengers: Secret Wars

instead of ending Kang’s arc Kang DynastyThe MCU would be better off saving its villain arc secret war, In-spite of this Ant-Man and the Wasp: quantum frenzyWith mixed reviews from critics, Phase 5 has emerged as a highlight of the film, with Kang building excitement around his impending battle with the Avengers. Plus, Marvel has been setting up his villain arc for years, promising that it will be worth the wait. However, unless the MCU chooses to copy infinity warcliffhanger ending of Kang Dynasty would bring about the end of Kang’s reign over the multiverse, ruining his potential as the main villain of secret war,

Making Kang the Conqueror a Surprise Hero kang dynasty, Marvel saves its real fight with the Avengers until then secret war, The MCU Is Setting Up Kang’s Real Villain Arc secret war, perhaps coming as a result of the destruction of the Council of Kang in the previous film. With his greatest enemy destroyed, Kang will be more powerful than ever, able to defeat any other threat that dares to stand in his way. More importantly, Marvel Studios will give Kang the respect he deserves instead of potentially wasting the villain in a one-off battle with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. avengers: kong dynasty,

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