Secret Wars Can Be So Much More Than A Single Movie

avengers: secret wars The biggest undertaking in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that makes it especially difficult to do justice to the story in a single movie. coming a year later avengers: kong dynastySixth the avengers The film is set to hit theaters in 2026, acting as the end of Phase 6 and the entire multiverse saga, making it the biggest film in the franchise. avengers: endgame, However, due to secret warGiven the massive stakes, cast, and impact on the MCU as a whole, Marvel Studios would be wise to expand the event beyond the confines of one movie.

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Jonathan Majors’s Kong the Conqueror Was Officially Introduced Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania, the second chapter of the Multiverse Saga, officially marking the beginning of Phase 5. Kang and his many variants, many of whom appear in quantum frenzyThe post-credits scenes are expected to act as the final antagonist of the ongoing saga. secret war will serve as the culmination of the Avengers’ battle against Kang and his variants, which will inevitably explode into an all-out multiversal invasion. The final battle between Kang and the Avengers is expected to reach well beyond the MCU, including Marvel properties like Fox X Men franchise and sony Spider Man movies, make it the biggest the avengers film so far.

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Secret Wars is much bigger than a single movie

As the culmination of Phase 6 of the MCU and the entire multiverse saga, secret war Can’t really be contained in a movie. Possibly based on the 2015 Jonathan Hickman comic story of the same name, secret war will see the multiverse in shambles as Earth-616 experiences an intrusion with several alternate realities. The heroes of each universe find themselves summoned to Battleworld, where they engage in brutal combat to determine the fate of their respective homeworlds. The comic storyline is one of the biggest developments Marvel Comics has ever seen, and the MCU adaptation will certainly be no different.

however two the avengers Together the films were announced secret war And Kang Dynasty may not be as closely tied infinity war And endgame Were. rather, secret war It appears to result in the continuing alternate reality antics of the Multiverse Saga, eventually leading to a massive infighting. Kang Dynasty, However, the fallout of this cataclysmic event will surely affect countless universes beyond the MCU’s Earth-616. An epiphany of this magnitude cannot be adequately portrayed in a single film, but must instead be explored in several different titles that directly secret war,

Disney+ Could Help Expand Secret Wars’ Multiverse Story

Split image of Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror and 2015's Secret Wars II

Disney+ exclusively offers Marvel an intuitive way to expand its ongoing storylines secret war, While some have blamed Disney+’s MCU shows for superhero fatigue, the issue can be resolved by tying each series’ storylines directly to major events such as Kang Dynasty And secret war, This has been a common practice in the comic world over the years, as various books were designed as specific tie-ins to major crossover events. While the main story of each event would take place in its own series, other tie-ins and one-shots would expand the story, often exploring the adventures of characters peripheral to it.

For the first time, Marvel has the ability to embrace an expansive format of storytelling in order to properly judge secret war events. The Outsiders Disney+ series could follow each of the Avengers of Phase 6 as they deal with the fallout of the upcoming multiverse war. Ahead, secret warThe Battleworld setting provides the perfect set-up for these spinoff series and one-shots, allowing each tie-in to depict smaller battles that lead up to an epic climax in the film. Disney+ could thus pad the middle of the year Kang Dynasty And secret war With content that actually exists in service of the MCU’s story.

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An extended Secret Wars event solves a common MCU problem

Split Image: Avengers Endgame Poster;  Secret Wars Comics;  Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania

In addition to giving its story a little more space to breathe, expand secret war Will also solve the problem of the MCU being too fast. like last the avengers Movies, secret war’ The massive cast can make it difficult to give enough screen time to each hero. The film is not only expected to include many of the surviving heroes introduced in both the Infinity and Multiverse sagas, but is also rumored to include those who have died in the prior films, alternate-reality versions of famous characters, and characters from non-MCU films, potentially including the Spider-Man variants seen Spider-Man: No Way HomeFox X Menand many more.

A cast of this size is too big for a single film, especially if secret war The aim is to balance your talents as well infinity war And endgame Did. However, expanding the event to include multiple projects would allow each of these characters to go through their own adventures. Many cameos in the film may instead turn out to be featured roles in tie-in projects, taking notes of no way homedepiction of the multiverse instead of other cameo-centric films Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Each character, from Earth-616 or otherwise, can really shine in their individual stories, which lead to a thrilling finale. avengers: secret wars,

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