RDJ’s Tony Stark Returns From The Dead In Iron Man 4 Fan Trailer

Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark comes back from the dead in a new look iron man 4 fan made trailer. since avengers: endgame, the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow with new heroes. However, the one Avenger that many are still hoping for a return is Iron Man. played by Downey Jr., Tony sacrifices himself in avengers: endgame To save the entire universe. But with the Multiverse Saga exploring other universes, the door has been opened for a possible re-emergence of the actor.

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As Phase 5 Is Now Underway, Marvel Studios Is Getting Closer avengers: kong dynasty And avengers: secret wars, While Downey Jr. left Marvel years ago, even the MCU actors expected him to return. screen culture The recently envisioned return of Downey Jr.’s MCU in a new form iron man 4 fan made trailer.

To serve as a proof of concept, iron Man 4 trailer sees Tony returning to the world of the living. iron man 4 Something fans have been wanting to see since 2013 iron Man 3,

Will Robert Downey Jr. Return To The MCU In The Multiverse Saga?

So far, there have been no concrete signs pointing to Downey Jr. reprising the role of Iron Man. However, in true Marvel Studios fashion, never say never, as they could have easily planned that into the works. Kevin Feige and his team are renowned for being able to keep massive surprises under wraps. But the big question is how will Downey Jr. return to the MCU.

The version of Downey Jr.’s character that most would like to see is his original Tony Stark. However, bringing Tony back from the dead would be a huge disservice, and it would hurt his epic exit in Episode 3. The best thing going for the MCU return of Iron Man is that Downey Jr. is coming back as a version of himself. It would be even more intriguing to see if the actor gets a chance to play Tony Stark and/or a new Iron Man character.

It’s the best way to get hooked on the multiverse saga while bringing back a fan favorite actor. At this point, the MCU has done everything it could with the Earth-616 version of Tony Stark. Instead of bringing him back for this, it’s better to do something new with Downey Jr. iron man 4The MCU will hopefully see Downey Jr. again in some capacity.

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