Owen Wilson’s Mobius Rumored To Appear In Deadpool 3

A New Rumor Suggests Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius And A Key Role For TVA dead pool 3, First appeared in Marvels bottle gourd series on Disney+, the Time Variance Authority was tasked with protecting the sacred timeline from multiversal chaos. However, based on these new reports, they may not be ready for the chaos Deadpool and Wolverine will create.

As told by insider Jeff Snyder the hot mic podcast with John Rocha, rumors are forming that Owen Wilson is set to reprise his role as TVA’s Agent Mobius deadpool 3, starring alongside Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. You can watch the comments in the video below (starting at 15:05):

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Not only does this new report support previous rumors hinting at Wilson’s involvement, but Mobius and TVA being involved in Deadpool’s upcoming antics makes a lot of sense narratively.

Why Agent Mobius and TVA are perfect fits for Deadpool 3

It is highly suggested that deadpool 3 There will be a lot of focus on the multiverse. After all, Deadpool and Wolverine are from a completely different universe and timeline, separate from the primary MCU. Similarly, Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine after the character’s death logan Wade also suggests multiversal shenanigans on Wilson’s part, not to mention expectations that Deadpool will attempt to enter the MCU on a long-term basis. It’s a mission that will likely be very meta-based involving Disney’s acquisition of Twentieth Century Fox and X Men Suffrage.

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like, Agent Möbius is playing a role in deadpool 3 Makes a lot of sense as an in-universe response to whatever Deadpool has planned. It’s also worth noting that TVA mascot Miss Minutes of Tara Strong will also be featured, a sign that Moebius won’t be alone and that Deadpool and Wolverine will be battling through the entirety of TVA. end of though Folk Season 1 saw the agency taken over by Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror, bottle gourd Season 2 will likely further establish TVA’s new status quo Deadpool 3.

At any rate, the idea that Mobius and TVA could be some of the first characters Deadpool and Wolverine take on in relation to the MCU is very exciting. It makes perfect narrative sense beyond pure entertainment value to put Reynolds, Jackman, and Wilson together in the same movie. here’s hoping bottle gourd Season 2 offers more details on TVA’s future to come deadpool 3 Currently set to release in 2024.

Source: the hot mic

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