MCU’s Blade Movie Might Hold A Shocking Doctor Strange Twist

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Could Use blade To deliver a big Doctor Strange twist by introducing his brother. plans for blade The film has progressed slowly since Mahershala Ali was cast in 2019. The film is part of Marvel Studios’ efforts to explore more supernatural characters and stories, which have become more prominent with it. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness And werewolf by night, last arrival of blade will be where vampires finally play a major role in the story of the MCU after years of teasing about their existence.

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Marvel Studios’ secrecy surrounds bladeThe story and setting have left room for speculation to grow as to how the film may connect to the wider MCU. This is one of the last movies in the first phase 5 avengers: kong dynasty Release. However, Mahershala Ali’s Blade could encounter some other MCU heroes before that film. bladeThe place in the supernatural corner of the franchise paves a way for characters like Werewolf By Night, Man-Thing, Elsa Bloodstone, the Black Knight, and more to potentially appear. Ali’s character may have history with several of them, but a Doctor Strange twist could also be in the cards.

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Blade Could Introduce Doctor Strange’s Vampire Brother

Marvel Studios may use it blade To introduce Doctor Strange’s brother, who turns out to be a vampire. Doctor Strange’s brother Victor Strange debuted in the comics in 1989. Victor tragically dies after being hit by a car shortly after the death of his and Stephen’s parents. Stefan placed her body in cryogenic sleep until he became a wizard and attempted to use his Doctor Strange magic to bring her back. What Doctor Strange didn’t know was that he had accidentally used the Vampiric Verses to turn Victor into a vampire, resurrecting him years later after the cryogenic chamber stopped working.

Doctor Strange’s brother could make a surprising debut blade As a way of giving the MCU another vampire who is tied to an existing character. In the Victor Strange comics, the Baron Blood mantle is temporarily taken up when he is under the control of a powerful sorceress who seeks the known Darkhold. The return of the original Baron Blood eventually leads Victor to drop the name and act as a vigilante named Khyron. Once the usual bloodlust that comes with being a vampire escalated, Victor killed criminals he encountered in order to survive. It’s Possible That Doctor Strange’s Brother Could Be Someone Who Meets Eric Brooks blade Then.

Baron Blood in Blade Could Help Setup the MCU’s Midnight Sons

Image of Blade and the Black Knight in Eternals

Doctor Strange’s brothers appear blade And the vampire twist is happening which could be a way for the MCU to continue its Midnight Sons setup. A supernatural Avengers-level team is widely believed to be part of Marvel’s long-term plans, based on the various characters associated with the team that have been introduced so far. Victor Strange’s appearance blade Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange cameo in the solo film could be Marvel’s chance to ensure a meeting between him and Mahershala Ali’s Blade.

With Doctor Strange and Blade meeting in the MCU, the Midnight Sons team could start to form more quickly. Blade is already familiar after the Black Knight eternal‘ post-credits scene, while Doctor Strange gets to know supernatural heroes like Wong and Clea. Any of them could be part of recruiting more members of the team, such as Moon Knight, Man-Thing, Ghost Rider and others. Marvel might as well keep going bladeThe Doctor Strange brothers twist by making vampire Victor Strange a part of the team.

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