MCU Wakanda Series’ Working Title Hints At A Different Black Panther

The working title of Marvel Studios’ upcoming film black Panther The series could suggest that a new Black Panther will debut in the MCU. A drama series set in Wakanda was announced in February 2021, with Ryan Coogler returning to the Disney+ series. While Marvel Studios is also working on a Disney+ series focusing on Danai Gurira’s Okoye that will expand on her backstory in the MCU, there’s no word on whether these two Wakandan spinoffs will be the same or different- There are separate projects.

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talking to collider after the release of Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverMarvel Studios producer Nate Moore revealed that wakanda series is not “As far as the people want it to be,” But it suggested that Coogler was being given too many good ideas. though on the news wakanda The chain has been sparse, a recent report from cosmic circus has suggested that the working title of the series would be “Golden City”. This is in reference to the Wakandan capital city, Birnin Zana, the site of the founding of Wakanda, otherwise known as the Golden City. This could serve as an important plot point for the upcoming spinoff.

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“Golden City” Working Title Hints At A Historical Black Panther For Disney+ Series

While “Golden City” Is the Working Title for the MCU wakanda The series could suggest that the show will locate the Wakandan capital city in the present day, especially now that the nation’s monarchy has changed hands, perhaps a more anticipated story that Marvel Studios could delve into. early moments of black Panther Provided a brief overview of the history of Wakanda, introducing the first Black Panther, Bashenga, who united the warring tribes and founded Wakanda. Bashenga was affiliated with the Golden Tribe, which would become the royal bloodline of Wakanda and give its name to the Golden City of Wakanda.

It’s Possible That Marvel Studios May Explore Wakanda’s Origins black Panther The spin-off series, centered on Bashenga eating the heart-shaped herb, became the first Black Panther, and established the Golden City at the center of what became Wakanda. This unexplored period in Marvel history could make for an exciting and unique project. A series detailing the search for Vibranium, the war between the five tribes of Wakanda, and the foundation of the nation will be rife with thrilling action and drama.

Why A Prequel Series Could Help The Wakanda Streaming Series

Wakanda Golden City in the MCU

Setting up the MCU wakanda Not only would a series set in the ancient past allow for a new storytelling in the MCU in an entirely different style, but it could also benefit Marvel Studios in a number of other ways. featured in the vision of wakanda black Panther And Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Certainly beautiful but also incredibly expensive to bring to the big screen. setting up wakanda Going back in time would allow for better use of the series’ budget, as Wakanda would not yet be a built up and technologically advanced nation.

Using the first Black Panther setting of Wakanda and Bashenga as the plot wakanda The series also implies that the current world of Wakanda does not need to be manipulated. This would give the series a lot of narrative freedom, as it wouldn’t have to conform to the rules of the current MCU. A black Panther A series set in the past would also be a great way to introduce new characters to the MCU while keeping the tone of the others. black Panther Projects that have come before.

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