MCU Theory Reveals Why Nick Fury Finally Returns To Earth

secret attack will eventually bring Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) back to Earth for a new mission that could affect the entire future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Marvel’s next Disney+ Anticipation is high for the series and the first streaming project in Phase 5. secret attack, though little is known about its plot other than that it will follow the adventures of Nick Fury as he fights off a covert invasion of Earth by a shape-shifting alien race known as the Skrulls. However, Fury’s true reason for returning to Earth during the events of secret attack Might actually have little to do with Skrulls.

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post credits scene Spider-Man: Far From Home It included a Skrull twist, revealing that Nick Fury and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), who were involved in Peter Parker’s battle with Mysterio, were actually alien impostors the whole time. Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), the Skrull who replaced Fury, contacts the missing former SHIELD director with an update, with Damage Control Agent Cleary revealing he was off-world and had been for some time. During stage 4, Spider-Man: No Way Home confirmed that Fury had actually left Earth long before the events of far from homeSetting up your secret mission which will be further explored during the course of events secret attack,

Nick Fury may return to Earth to reform the Avengers

As the original proponent of the Avengers Initiative, Nick may have been on a mission to reform Earth’s Mightiest Heroes during the events of Fury. secret attack, The Avengers Have Been Conspicuously Absent From MCU Events Since Then avengers: endgame, And recent hints from Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios seem to confirm that the multiverse saga doesn’t yet have an Avengers lineup. This is something that clearly must have changed before the events of avengers: kong dynasty, but it’s not known exactly how Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will reunite. Still, as the man who brought the Avengers together in the first place, Nick Fury is the best person to bring them together again.

Nick Fury’s partnership with Talos has allowed him to remain aware of events on Earth in his absence, including the events of far from home, When Talos and his companions inform Fury of their mission, he decides it is time to go back to work, leaving his vacation behind. While Fury gives no specific reason for returning to work, Talos’ final words are said before being relayed that the world kept asking about the Avengers. Therefore, when Nick returns to Earth at the beginning of Fury secret attackHe may comply with Talos’ request to bring back the Avengers once and for all.

Far From Home proves the world needs Avengers

spiderman far from home nick fury maria hill secret invasion

Because The Avengers Are Not Present In Episode 4, Major Events Are Featured Spider-Man: Far From Home It may have helped Fury realize just how bad things have become on Earth after Thanos’ defeat. Although far from home is officially classified as a stage 3 film, This canonically happens after some Phase 4 projects wandavision, falcon and winter soldierAnd eternal, This means that when Talos calls to deliver his report on Mysterio’s attack on London, Wanda has already carried out her plot on Westview, a group of terrorist Flagg-shamshers attacking the Global Repatriation Council. did, and the Celestial Tiamut emerged from the sea.

When Mysterio ruined Spider-Man’s reputation just days after he attacked London with a fleet of Stark tech drones, Nick Fury must have realized that the time had finally come on Earth to reform the Avengers. After a string of mayhem that could have easily been avoided if Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were still around, Fury saw Mysterio as the last straw. Deciding that the world needs its most powerful team back, Nick Fury’s decision to reform the Avengers is not only understandable but downright necessary. However, as the events of secret attack As will undoubtedly show, Fury’s mission probably won’t go down quite the way he planned.

How will the Skrulls interfere with Nick Fury’s mission?

Secret Invasion: Nick Fury and the Angry Skrull.

Unfortunately for humanity, the Skrull secret invasion of Earth will likely get in the way of Nick Fury’s mission to form a new Avengers team. Returning to his home planet with the hope of gathering his closest allies, Fury is sure to be shaken to his core after learning that an entire alien force has penetrated Earth’s defenses. Worse, Skrulls can change their shape to look like anyone, meaning there are very few people Fury can trust. Even the former Avengers could be compromised by Skrull infiltrators, dashing Fury’s hopes of reforming the superhero team.

While Fury’s hopes of bringing together another Avengers team would end, secret attack Create a new superhero team consisting of characters who have not proven themselves to be Skrulls. 2008 secret attack The comic book event included a similar storyline, as Fury assembled a group of secret warriors, notably including the Inhuman Quake, to help repel a Skrull invasion of Earth. While the Skrull invasion may prevent Fury from putting together a new Avengers lineup, secret attack See Secret Agent as an entirely new superhero team that better serves the needs of the new world.

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