MCU Theory Reveals Loki Is Secret Wars’ Villain (& His REAL Glorious Purpose)

A major MCU theory suggests that Loki’s true identity “glorious aim” to be the villain avengers: secret wars, Not much is known about the story of avengers: secret warsThe final film in the MCU’s multiverse saga is rumored to feature several existing and returning heroes from the MCU and several other Marvel film franchises. avengers: secret wars two can be customized separately secret war events in Marvel Comics, although it is more likely that the 2015 version of the event will be brought to life in the MCU, as this story features intrusive, catastrophic events in the MCU.

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During the 2015 run of Marvel Comics secret warThe various heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe come together on Battleworld after the destruction of the main universe (616) and the Ultimate Marvel universe (1610). On Battleworld, a new world created from the fragments of destroyed realities, many Marvel characters take on new traits, including Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom, who cements himself as the creator and ruler of his universe , renamed God Emperor Doom. For the MCU, however, Marvel Studios will need to think carefully about the characters they use to fill secret war’ The most important spot the original Avengers’ original enemy could have taken from was Doctor Doom.

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How Loki could take over Doom’s role as Secret Wars’ villain

reddit User spidifan914 Mention that Doctor Doom made such a great villain in Marvel Comics’ secret war event because “He was a serious threat for decades, came with layers of nuance, [and] There was a history with all the different heroes.” This is an important thing to consider when thinking about an MCU avengers: secret warsEven though Doctor Doom was introduced before the MCU secret war, that may not have been enough time to form these strong bonds with the other MCU characters. This Means A Different MCU Might Be Better For The Villain Role “God Emperor” In secret war,

Loki is one of the oldest villains of the MCU, who was introduced as Thor’s brother thor before being portrayed as the antithesis of the Avengers, which brought the superhero team together for the first time. The version of Loki currently in the MCU is a variant of the original, but the character’s longevity means he’s the perfect candidate to take over the role of Doctor Doom from the comics. secret war Story. Created in an attempt to end the Battleworld incursion and save the multiverse, Loki’s motivation in the current MCU is set to grow even stronger in Phase 5. bottle gourd season 2.

There Are Many Similarities Between Doctor Doom And The Loki Of The MCU

Doctor Doom in the green cape in Marvel Comics

Doctor Doom and Loki are two of Marvel’s most recognizable, memorable, and longest-running supervillains, both having debuted in Marvel Comics in 1962. Doom and Loki have many similarities that make the latter a perfect replacement for Doom. avengers: secret wars, In the MCU, Loki has been associated with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for over a decade and has had many adventures alongside Thor and other heroes in several previous MCU projects. Loki’s tendency to oscillate between villainy and heroism perfectly mirrors Doom’s comic career, as Doom is often viewed as an antihero, taking the side of Marvel’s heroes when his personal interests are at stake. are on

In Marvel Comics, Doctor Doom became Lord Emperor Doom as a means to end the intrusion, which may later be reflected in Loki’s new glorious purpose. bottle gourd Season 2. Loki has already come face to face with a version of Kang the Conqueror, He Who Remains, and Kang bottle gourd Season 2 will continue his Kang education. This could be the setting for a future story in which Loki created Battleworld to save the multiverse from Kang the Conqueror, masquerading as the God Emperor himself, an apparent villain, while actually having heroic intentions. Doctor Doom’s opponents in the comics were the Beyonders, but for the MCU, Loki vs. Kang would be the right direction.

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Loki will set the perfect ending for Thor instead of Apocalypse

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor Love and Thunder MCU

After stealing the Beyonders’ power and having these powers removed by Molecule Man, the god Emperor Doom in the final moments of Marvel Comics secret war event, Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic, enters an epic battle with his long-standing archenemy. The battle ends in the final destruction of Battleworld and the recreation of a new universe, which appears to be Marvel Studios’ direction. avengers: secret wars, However, with both Doctor Doom and Reed Richards still waiting to enter the MCU, these roles will need to be recast, and there may be no better choice than Loki and his Asgardian brother, Thor.

As far as Thor is concerned, Thanos killed his brother avengers: infinity warhence a reunion between the pair avengers: secret wars Would make for an incredibly emotional moment. However, if Loki were to take on the role of Doom secret war, maybe Thor can see his brother’s reign come to an end. In the comics, Doctor Doom and Mister Fantastic share an intense relationship that makes them formidable foes, and the same is the case with Thor and Loki. Their fight could mark the perfect ending for Thor in the MCU as Chris Hemsworth is rumored to be retiring from the role soon.

Loki as a Secret Wars villain is better suited to Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom in Marvel Comics

release probability avengers: secret wars Soon after Doctor Doom’s possible MCU debut Fantastic Four This raised concerns that Doom’s MCU story was being rushed. However, if Loki were to replace Doctor Doom secret war, this means Marvel Studios can take its time with Doom’s introduction, giving him room for Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four to develop into an intelligent and psychotic villain, as well as a powerful physical threat. Could be too. It is also not known whether Doctor Doom will make his MCU debut before then. avengers: secret warsSo turning them into an epic multiverse saga story would be the only option for Marvel Studios.

Loki will not only replace Doctor Doom in the MCU secret war The event sends his character arc in a very satisfying and morally gray direction, but it will also allow Apocalypse to simmer until he asserts himself as a formidable threat to the Fantastic Four and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Don’t get ready to find out. At its core, Marvel Comics’ secret war The incident is a personal account of Reed Richards and Doctor Doom’s connection, which translates perfectly into Loki’s development. bottle gourd and his relationship with Thor. avengers: secret wars The comic would have a hard time adapting the story accurately anyway, so this small change could work infinitely better for the MCU.

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