MCU Spoilers Subreddit Shuts Down Amid Legal Battle With Disney

Marvel Studios and Disney are cracking up marvel cinematic universe The leak, forcing the shutdown of a popular Marvel spoiler sub-reddit. Known for keeping specific plot details for its projects tightly under the lid, information about MCU movies and TV shows has been leaked several times over the years. Now, Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios is taking action to hold the leakers accountable.

Per Diversity, Disney filed a request on Friday (March 10) in a federal district court in California on Marvel’s behalf. He asked the court to issue a subpoena that would compel Reddit to identify the users who were involved in the dialogue leak regarding the details of the story antman 3 on the r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers subreddit around January 20, 2023. The specifically cited parties are “‘u/MSSmods'” as well as “any other user responsible for posting, editing, and/or maintaining the Content”. From Jan 15-Feb 15 on the subreddit. The request is in accordance with the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Meanwhile, Reddit released its response on the matter, saying:

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“Reddit is committed to protecting the privacy of our users. We have rigorous processes for assessing legal requests and objecting when appropriate.”

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How leaks ruin the movie watching experience of the public

From the very beginning, Marvel Studios has been known for surprising certain aspects of its films. It all started with an unexpected cameo from Nick Fury iron Mans iconic post-credits scene, and over the course of the next 15 years, it has continued. Even the actors claim they don’t get complete scripts (or get fake scripts) to make sure no spoilers are coming out ahead of time.

Unfortunately, Marvel Studios has been the victim of a number of leaks in the growing MCU multiverse saga. They are detrimental to the movie-going experience. For starters, it is difficult to verify the authenticity of these leaks. Most leakers include disclaimers that protect them from being held accountable once their supposed scoops don’t get out. Secondly, once leaked, the public has a pre-conceived idea of ​​what to expect from a film, which can result in disappointment if none of them pan out.

Whether this effort is productive or not is currently unknown. Based on the statement on Reddit, it doesn’t look like they’re eager to heed Disney’s legal request. In the meantime, marvel cinematic universe Will move between it, hopefully less leakage on the road.

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Source: Diversity

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