MCU Producer Responds To Theory Kang Connects To Shang-Chi’s Ten Rings

Producer Stéphane Broussard commented on the ongoing theory about Shang-Chi’s ten rings potentially connecting to Kang the Conqueror. marvel cinematic universeKey Multiverse Saga. After The Infinity Saga’s Success, Marvel Studios Is In The Process Of Setting Up Another Finale Event avengers: kong dynasty And avengers: secret wars, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania Kang officially debuted, but the threequel revealed very little about the MCU’s new big bad.

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That being said, one theory inspired by how Marvel Studios set up the culmination of the Infinity Saga claims that Shang-Chi’s ten rings are tied to Kang. When he was asked about this during a recent guest appearance inside disney podcast, Broussard dismissed the idea, saying that, at this point, each film’s concept is largely a standalone idea. Read his full quote below:

“I won’t read too much into it at this point. I’m afraid that’s a difficult question to answer, because if I like, ‘Stay Tuned’, you can read more into that, you know? But, when we made ‘Quantummania,’ it was just about that. Any connectivity down the road, I can’t really talk about, because I don’t really know where that’s going. But it’s a Whatever the standalone idea is to stage another ‘Shang-Chi’, should it be so, or ‘Kang Dynasty.’ It was purely the environment of this film.”

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What’s next for Conqueror Kang in the MCU

Expanding on the above theory is the additional claim that Ms. Marvel’s bangles are also tied to Kang’s. taking into account the fact that it was not Avengers: Age of Ultron With the idea of ​​the Infinity Stones cleared up, it’s possible that Marvel Studios is still figuring out how to tie these together. Phase 5 of the multiverse saga has just begun, so Broussard has a point when he advises the public not to read too much into it.

Whether Kang is tied to Shang-Chi and Ms. Marvel is unknown at this point, but more details about the matter will be revealed as the multiverse saga continues. Kang’s next appearance bottle gourd Season 2 may also confirm or completely dismiss this idea as the Disney+ series is expected to delve deeper into the villain’s story and origins. Also, version Ram-Tut may end up being the bad guy. marvels fantastic four, allowing Marvel Studios to reveal more details about the character before she faces the Avengers avengers: kong dynasty,

Some elements of the multiverse saga remain separate from each other, and without an Avengers movie to tie everything together ahead of its big culmination, it’s hard to see the larger narrative here. However, as seen in Marvel Studios, Marvel Studios has proven to be adept at playing the long marvel cinematic universeInfinity Saga. So while it’s safe not to get too invested in the aforementioned theory, there’s no denying that it seems like the most logical way to establish a relationship between Kang and the other established characters.

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Source: inside disney podcast

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