MCU Phase 5 Needs To Fix 1 Major Phase 4 Credits Scene Problem

marvel cinematic universe There is a new problem with post-credits scenes that may be resolved during Phase 5. Often used as a way for the franchise to tease new characters or upcoming movies, post-credits scenes continue the buzz surrounding the MCU, fueling theories and rumors in the space. between projects. However, while the MCU continues to add end-credits scenes to each of its films and series, its method of doing so has recently come under fire throughout the multiverse saga, particularly in its Phase 4 titles. If Marvel Studios doesn’t find a way to amend its biggest post-credits scene problem, one of the signature aspects of the franchise risks losing all its magic.

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While recent post-credits scenes have been used to tease multiple Kong variants and major heroes, the MCU’s earlier stingers were far more straightforward. iron Man The first MCU post-credits tease was shown, setting up the possibility of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and the Avengers Initiative. Each film thereafter featured at least one post-credits scene and, beginning with the AvengersMost also included a second scene. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 It even includes five post-credits scenes in a meta-joke about the franchise’s love for last-minute teases. Since then, almost every film has featured one or more of these scenes, with the exception of avengers: endgame,

MCU Phase 5 needs to pay off the post-credits scene fast

After Phase 4 of the MCU, Phase 5 should fix that by rapidly paying off its post-credits scenes. Several of Phase 4’s last-minute teases have come under fire, as they don’t have any tentative payoffs in the near future. Several projects ended up hinting at a character’s imminent arrival in the MCU, including Starfox In eternalin poison Spider-Man: No Way Homecli in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessand in Hercules thor: love and thunder, While these introductions were all individually exciting, none of the characters introduced have a clear path forward, making their debut feel forced and meaningless in the grand scheme of the multiverse saga.

In response to this problem, Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantummaniaThe post-credits scenes have already taken steps to rectify their impact on the MCU. quantum frenzy introduced several new Kong variants in his final scenes, but also gave at least one concrete hint at his future, revealing that Victor would be involved in the events of Timely bottle gourdThe second season of It’s a great start to Episode 5’s post-credits scenes, but it certainly doesn’t solve the problem itself. upcoming projects like secret attack And Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 would follow suit, offering exciting end-credits teases that actually inform specific upcoming projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Why the MCU Phase 1 post-credits scenes worked so well

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Unlike recent films, Phase 1 of the MCU revealed a plan for future projects with each of its post-credits scenes. Each new credits scene provided more detail on the exciting team-up of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes or directly referenced the next film in the timeline. So every Phase 1 film used its own post-credits scene to build on. the Avengers And its lineup: iron Man establish the idea of ​​the avengers, the incredible Hulk hinted at the recruitment of the Hulk, iron Man 2 teased the arrival of Thor, thor the significance of the Tesseract revealed, and Captain America: The First Avenger The first trailer for the upcoming team-up film has been released.

Phase 1 ended by introducing Thanos in the post-credits scene once its premiere team was fully formed. the Avengersteasing his heavier role to come in future films. While Thanos’ crusade would not begin in full for another six years, his introduction was a promise of major things to come, and future films built upon his arrival. The future of the Mad Titan was solid but also offered room for speculation as the franchise came to a close. avengers: infinity war, When marvel cinematic universe has evolved in so many ways, it would do well to remember what made its original post-credits scenes so compelling.

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