MCU Must Fix These 8 X-Men Characters After The Fox Movies Ruined Them

X Men Heading into the MCU, and there are several mutant characters that Marvel needs to fix after the Fox movies failed. After an entire decade in which the X-Men found it impossible to interact with the Avengers, Marvel Studios can now use mutants as part of their cinematic universe. While mutants have already been referenced in the MCU, including Patrick Stewart’s cameo as Professor X Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessNot much is known about the actual X-Men team lineup of the MCU.

Marvel’s Phase 4 introduced mutants into the MCU without the aid of the multiverse or any overly complicated explanations. Even so, how exactly the X-Men will play out is still a bit of a mystery. except deadpool 3, which will see Hugh Jackman return as Wolverine, no live-action MCU X-Men projects have been announced for the multiverse saga. Even if the MCU debuts its own X-Men team, Marvel will have to nail down at least eight X-Men characters that the Fox movies ruined.

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8 cyclops

It’s hard to think of an X-Men character that was ruined as badly by the previous X-Men franchise as Cyclops. Scott Summers is the leader of the X-Men, and while the mutant superhero team has gone through many phases and iterations throughout the decades, Cyclops has never lost his title as the X-Men’s best potential leader. However, when it comes to the X-Men movies, Cyclops’ importance to the team has never translated. There was barely anything to suggest that Cyclops was the leader of the X-Men in the Fox X-Men films, and the story’s hero status was given to Wolverine.

cyclops spends the most x-men 2 Off-screen and inside after being hijacked by Stryker X-Men 3: last standIn , Scott is killed by Jean Grey, early on. Cyclops in the X-Men prequel timeline X Men: Apocalypse, and while there was more to the character than in the original films, Scott was still years away from being the X-Men leader from the comics. The MCU has an opportunity to craft the definitive version of Cyclops, a character whose film legacy could rival that of Captain America in addition to leading the X-Men instead of the Avengers.

7 Wicked

X-Men Mutant Rogue and Captain Marvel in the MCU

Rogue had a significant role in the first X-Men film, yet the character was more of a MacGuffin for the film’s plot. While finding out how Rogue found herself ostracized from society because of her powers was an interesting choice for a character who could turn anyone she touched, Rogue’s story was based on her not accepting her powers. It was a mistake to limit Also, Rogue was never part of the action in the X-Men movies, as her core powers couldn’t really help in large-scale battles. This is something the MCU could easily fix by recreating the comic book moment in which Rogue absorbed Captain Marvel’s powers.

6 Storm

Storm from the X-Men comics looks with white eyes

Halle Berry’s Storm had a major role in the original X-Men trilogy. In fact, Storm was the X-Men leader Cyclops never was, especially in last stand And X Men: days of Future Past, However, when it comes to showcasing just how powerful Storm really is, the X-Men movies Didn’t do justice to the character. Storm’s action scenes were limited to levitation and throwing lightning bolts, which must be a small fraction of what Storm can do. The MCU is known for not taking shortcuts with its characters’ powers, as seen with Avengers like Thor and Captain Marvel. Therefore, Storm’s omega-level mutant abilities can finally be demonstrated.

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5 Emma Frost

Emma Frost in X-Men First Class

If there’s one X-Men character who failed as much as Cyclops in the Fox X-Men movies, it’s Emma Frost. A leader of the X-Men in many iterations and a main character in some of the most important X-Men stories over the past two decades, Emma Frost was essentially ignored in the Fox X-Men timeline. X Men Original: Wolverine featured a version of Emma Frost as a background character who had no lines and only used her diamond powers for a few seconds. In X Men: First classEmma Frost was a pawn for Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club, to which the character never returned. days of Future Past,

Given how little Emma Frost was in the X-Men movies, the White Queen could be the key for the MCU to differentiate its X-Men movies from the previous ones. Emma Frost would immediately make it something new to the MCU’s X-Men lineup, especially if Emma gets to be a leader as well. For example, the partnership between Cyclops and Emma Frost with the pairing going forward from the X-Men set the tone for some of the best years in the Marvel Universe. That kind of dynamic can now be brought to the screen in the MCU, with Emma Frost and Scott Summers as the two pillars of Marvel’s X-Men universe.

4 Darwin

darwin x men first class death

Fox X-Men movies fail to portray many mutants’ abilities, but no example comes close X-Men: First Class did to Darwin. In the comics, Darwin’s mutant ability is being able to adapt to any situation. Darwin’s body was designed for continuous, immediate growth, meaning that it was largely impossible to hurt or kill him, as Darwin would always find a way to protect himself and escape any deadly situation. However, in First classDarwin dies after his first encounter with the villain. Darwin needs the return of the live-action X-Men, shown in his full power.

3 Jubilee

Lana Condor as Jubilee in X-Men Apocalypse

1990s X-Men icon, Jubilee gets proper live-action debut in 2016 X Men: Apocalypse After a blink-or-miss cameo in the first X-Men movie. as a late 1980s film that promised to introduce a new generation of X-Men after the events of days of Future Past, X Men: Apocalypse Seemed like the perfect story to introduce Jubilee. However, most of the scenes in Lana Condor Jubilee were cut. X Men: Apocalypse, Looking at how the MCU is incorporating elements from the classic x-men animated series – including reusing the X-Men motif and reviving the show X-Men ’97 – casting the live-action Jubilee in a pivotal role is a must.

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2 psylock

Olivia Munn as Psylocke X-Men Apocalypse

The X-Men movies often feature interesting, comically-accurate versions of iconic X-Men characters only to be abandoned entirely in the next film. For example, happened between Nightcrawler x-men 2 And x-men 3, Same happened with Psylocke, played by Olivia Munn, who made her live-action debut X Men: Apocalypse and never returned. Despite defeating Psylocke’s powers and skills, X Men: Apocalypse Didn’t really give the character much to do. Psylocke deserves to be revisited in the MCU, even if her backstory in the comics X-Men timeline is pretty confusing.

1 first step

Russell Dotterman Gambit Costume Cover Featured Image

Gambit has had a complicated history when it comes to live-action adaptations. Gambit appears in live-action for the first time, after the original X-Men movies completely abandoned Remy X Men Original: Wolverine, Like many mutants in the Fox X-Men universe, Gambit’s role x-men origins was very limited and took nowhere. A Gambit solo film starring Channing Tatum had been in development for years and was close to becoming a reality, yet the project was scrapped along with several others after Disney bought 20th Century Fox. Marvel’s X Men The lineup could make itself unique by featuring Gambit, as the character was never a member of the X-Men team in previous films.

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