MCU Blade Movie Rumored To Have Cut Eternals’ Kit Harington As Black Knight

blade If a new rumor about the Marvel Cinematic Universe film is to be believed, Kit Harington’s Black Knight may have been cut. Harrington, best known around the world for playing Jon Snow in HBO’s game of ThronesFirst appeared in Marvel Studios as Dane Whitman eternal In 2021. In one of the film’s post-credits scenes, Whitman picks up his family’s heirloom sword, the Ebony Blade, and as the character watches the black goo on the blade move, he is met by an off-camera voice – It was later confirmed to be related to Mahershala Ali’s Blade.

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by Jeff Snyder the hot micmarvel studios reworked blade script, and the Black Knight does not appear in the current iteration of the Blade movie.

Sneider had already reported about how previous blade The script had disappointed star Ali, and eventually contributed to the film losing its director and pushing its release date. This update brings good news for those waiting for Marvel’s take on Blade in the MCU, with the new script reportedly “cut the fatAlthough it may mean eternal‘ Black Knight Tees Won’t Be Followed blade, Check out the full quote below:

“Someone went so far as to say that things got a little better with ‘Blade.’ Things have shaped up, the script is leaner and meaner and they’ve cut the fat, but the script I heard was 87 pages. Like there wasn’t enough and they shaved it all off: “”What they’ve heard is cut that ‘Blade’ was going to tie-in with ‘Eternals’ and Kit Harington’s Black Knight “The Black Knight isn’t really into the ‘Blade’ thing. They’re probably reshooting parts including Betty, was there like a 14 year old girl? They can redo it.”

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Marvel’s Blade doesn’t need an MCU cameo

It would have been nice to see Ali’s Blade meet the Black Knight in the upcoming film, enough time to pay Marvel eternal‘ in the future of the MCU as a post-credits scene sees Blade cross paths with other MCU characters following his first solo film. There have been rumors regarding the future of the MCU that Poison Blade is establishing his own supernatural team, The Midnight Sons, and a future film of the team could explore the meeting of Blade and the Black Knight, leading to Ali’s on-screen presence. -The camera MCU will start to focus perfectly. Vampire Hunter.

blade arrives in theaters next year, and the film comes at a great point in the MCU’s timeline. Marvel’s recent releases have struggled to garner the same level of acclaim found in the Infinity Saga, and the story of the MCU Blade film should come as a breath of fresh air to moviegoers who have grown disillusioned with the MCU. Is. blade Must match Disney+ special offer werewolf by nightcompared to a more formulaic release like the latest ant ManAnd audiences have shown their enthusiasm for Marvel’s foray into the supernatural with a positive reception to the Disney+ special.

Whereas werewolf by night While highly praised, the special was not for everyone, as it played like an old horror film and was presented in black and white. because of that, blade is set to be the gateway into the supernatural corner of the MCU, allowing a wider audience to navigate Marvel’s new set of horror movies/shows that will accompany the MCU’s distinctive storytelling. If blade Ending up featuring a Marvel cameo, it should be Ali’s MCU Blade meets Wesley Snipes’ Vampire Hunter, making full use of the multiverse saga.

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