Marvel’s Thunderbolts Has A Perfect Opportunity To Explain MCU Plot Holes

marvel’s vajra One of the most important upcoming entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have the opportunity to finally explain any plot holes in the franchise. The upcoming film is set to release in theaters in July 2024, serving as the final entry in Phase 5 of the MCU. Placement by lightning reflects Marvel Studios’ confidence in the film as the finale to a full phase of the films and series, as well as highlights the importance of its titular team of characters within the ever-expanding franchise, one of whom has been instrumental in solving a few mysteries. There may be important ones that have been left unanswered for years.

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Phase 5 is building up to the Thunderbolts, who are set to follow in the Avengers’ footsteps to become the next all-star superhero team in the MCU. The heroes, anti-heroes and reformed villains who make up the team include Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), Taskmaster (Olga Kurylenko), Red Guardian (David Harbour), Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen). US Agent (Wyatt Russell), and Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). however, by lightning The film is heavily rumored to include additional characters that were kept secret by Marvel Studios prior to production. A character like this could have an impact on both the future and the past of the MCU.

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The Sentry Could Be A Secret MCU Superhero

Sentry, a character for whom there was much rumor by lightning, may appear as a secret MCU hero in the upcoming Phase 5 film. In the comics, the Sentry is essentially Marvel’s answer to Superman, albeit one with a dark twist. Robert Reynolds becomes the Sentry after consuming a special serum that gives him his powers. “A Million Exploding Suns” And makes him one of the most powerful superheroes in the entire Marvel Universe. He battles alongside the Avengers and the Fantastic Four for years until the darker side of his transformation becomes apparent. A villainous personality known as the Void emerges in Reynolds, eventually forcing him to erase his memories of the Sentry’s world.

Sentry’s backstory, which closely resembles Spider-Man: No Way Homes Memory-wiping spell suggests he may have existed long before his potential MCU debut by lightning, In fact, it’s quite possible that the Sentry has secretly existed for years, potentially even before some of the franchise’s older heroes like Iron Man and the Hulk. Marvel Studios will have complete freedom to determine Robert Reynolds’ backstory and the origins of the MCU, with any previous work of his completely erased from humanity’s memory. However, the Sentry’s unique origins also allow the MCU to make some much-needed changes to its canon, potentially filling in some gaping plot holes in the franchise.

How the Sentry’s secret past will affect past MCU events

In Marvel Comics, the Sentry is surrounded by lightning

The Sentry’s origins provide Marvel with an opportunity to fix plot holes and unanswered questions. As complex as the timeline of the MCU is, the franchise has been pumping out new material for nearly fifteen years, making plot holes and unresolved mysteries inevitable. However, because the Sentry’s superhero career has been erased from the world’s memory, the MCU could use his introduction to fix some of the inconsistencies in his past, each plot hole being patched up as a side effect of a memory wipe spell. Is. Furthermore, due to the Sentry’s great power, he is much more likely to be involved in any previous MCU event, increasing the reach of his influence.

As just one example, the disappearance of the Sentry could explain the odd timing of Thanos’ attack. infinity war, After all, Thanos knew the locations of the five Infinity Stones years ago, yet was just waiting to begin his conquest. This may prove to be the case given that the Sentry, one of the most powerful superheroes of all time, has challenged Thanos’ crusade for years while keeping the Mad Titan at bay. Once forced into retirement, the Sentry will no longer be around to fight cosmic threats, leaving Thanos free to attack at his leisure. Sadly, the world would have no idea that the Sentry had put off the Mad Titan’s triumph for so long.

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All the evidence of Sentry coming to the MCU

Steven Yeun's split image at Minari;  In Marvel Comics, the Orange is glowing in the air.

The Sentry hasn’t been officially confirmed for the MCU, but it looks like he’ll be making his live-action debut in the near future. Recent reports indicate that the walking deadK Steven Yeun will portray the Sentry by lightningHowever, Marvel Studios has refused to confirm any such rumours. Nevertheless, Sentry’s involvement by lightning It’s been rumored for months, and Yoon’s casting only adds to the argument that the cosmic superhero is coming to the MCU. more importantly, by lightning would be the perfect MCU project to serve as the character’s first appearance, considering his famous history with the eponymous team in the comics.

Plus, the timing seems right for Sentry’s MCU debut as the franchise continues to move toward more cosmic stories. While the MCU focused on Earth-based heroes for most of the Infinity Saga, cosmic characters are set to take center stage in the Multiverse Saga and beyond. 2023 alone is set to see Adam Warlock join the Guardians of the Galaxy and feature in a whole space-based adventure Miracle, And, as bigger threats like the Council of Kangas face the MCU, it becomes increasingly likely that the franchise will need cosmic heroes like the Sentry to combat these powerful villains. Actually, the beginning of orange by lightning Seems more likely by the day.

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