Marvel’s Rumored Mephisto Movie Can Validate WandaVision Fan Theories

sure badass wandavision Theories about Mephisto may not be as far-fetched as they once seemed. As the first Disney+ project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first entry in the Multiverse saga, wandavision The release in 2021 was the subject of many rumors and theories, many of which argued that the evil Mephisto was the villain behind Wanda Maximoff’s pain. Whereas wandavision While Mephisto’s appearance has come and gone, recent news about upcoming Phase 5 projects suggests that theories about the so-called God of Evil may be true after all, forever quashing Wanda Maximoff’s Phase 4 arc. Will be seen.

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New MCU rumors suggest that Sacha Baron Cohen has been cast as Mephisto for the upcoming Disney+ series iron Heart And his own special presentation. While Marvel Studios has yet to confirm this casting, Mephisto fits perfectly into the show’s supposed exploration of magic and science. Furthermore, ahead of his live-action debut, further rumors suggest that Mephisto may make appearances in several other Phase 5 projects, including Agatha: Covenant of Chaosstarring wandavisionKathryn Hahn, and in her special appearance for Disney+. If these rumors prove to be true, then Mephisto could be set to become one of the most important characters of the MCU in the years to come.

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A Mephisto special presentation may finally confirm the infamous WandaVision theories

A Sacha Baron Cohen-led Disney+ special presentation could cash in on the massive Mephisto theories that stemmed from it wandavision during its run. The 2021 series continually hinted at a larger force behind Wanda’s Westview hex, leading many viewers to assume that Mephisto was the mastermind behind everything in it. These theories proved so prevalent that they even became a famous meme, poking fun at how easy it was to blame everything on Mephisto. even after the Mephisto theories have been proven false in wandavisionThe character seemed unlikely to appear in any future projects. However, with Cohen’s casting, the MCU may finally cash in on the infamous theories wandavision spark with its enigmatic plot.

In a now infamous twist, the final episode of wandavision Proved that Agatha Harkness was the real villain, not Mephisto. While this works within the larger context of the story, pitting Wanda against a witch with a more personal connection to her power than hers, Agatha’s plot can still easily be tied to Mephisto’s. Agatha’s upcoming spinoff show, which is rumored to include an appearance from Mephisto, gives the MCU a chance to revisit some events from the character’s past, perhaps revealing who she’s working for. If Agatha Harkness’s power is indeed linked to Mephisto’s power, then Mephisto’s theories are highly ridiculed. wandavision Will suddenly lift more weight.

Mephisto’s Introduction Improves Wanda’s Phase 4 Arc

Mephisto and the Scarlet Witch

Mephisto’s rumored introduction could prove beneficial in capitalizing on Scarlet Witch’s position-wandavision arc in the MCU. after his villainous turn Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessThere seemed to be a lot of development during the events of Wanda Maximoff wandavision was completely overwritten. The film saw Wanda kill dozens of innocent people in order to get back at her family, leading to its emotional ending at the end of her Disney+ series wandavision Suddenly feeling worthless Mephisto’s introduction, however, is a unique opportunity to rewrite Scarlet Witch’s Phase 4 arc, which may prove more suited to her character.

multiverse of madness Reveals that Wanda has been corrupted by the Darkhold “Book of the Damned.” Due to the dark nature of this mystical tome, it is possible that Mephisto was kept within its pages, using his power to fully manipulate Wanda, making her more inclined to violence. This will go a long way in redeeming the Scarlet Witch for her horrific acts during the events of multiverse of madness eventually proving his great power in overcoming Mephisto’s influence and destroying the Darkhold forever. Proving herself more powerful than Mephisto, Wanda would indeed become one of the most powerful beings in the MCU.

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How will Mephisto influence future MCU movies and series?

Mephisto superimposed on images of the feared Avengers

As the MCU prepares to introduce Mephisto to its ever-expanding universe, the ruler of Hell is set to have a profound impact on the movies and series to come in Phase 5 and Phase 6, and perhaps beyond. Most notably, Mephisto is directly tied to Ghost Rider’s origin in Marvel Comics, suggesting that a spirit of vengeance may finally be on its way to the MCU. Beyond that, the character is fair game for any other supernatural projects in the franchise, including the heavily rumored Midnight Sons team-up. With Mephisto’s great power, he could also become the primary antagonist for the Midnight Sons’ first team-up in the MCU.

It’s also worth noting that Mephisto is an integral part of the infamous one more day The plot that influenced Doctor Strange’s magic Spider-Man: No Way Home, which erased the world’s memories of Peter Parker. Although Mephisto was not involved in the events no way homeThe MCU could use his character if the magic is ever undone in future movies, often creating a fun twist to the derision. one more day Story. As the MCU grows more massive in scale, Mephisto has the opportunity to leave his mark on stories like this one, leaving the wild days behind. wandavision theories that may actually be true now.

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