Marvel’s Power Broker Twist Can Bring Back A Jessica Jones Villain

Sharon Carter’s Reveal As The MCU’s Power Broker Could Open The Door For A Netflix Villain To Return jessica jones, falcon and winter soldier Sharon Carter is brought back to the MCU since she was missing captain america civil war, revealing that she had been living and working as a power broker in Madripoor during the period of the blip. The Phase 4 series finale teased a dark future for Carter in the MCU, as he now has access to high-level secrets, prototype weapons, and advanced technology ready to be sold to the highest bidder.

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During Phase 4, characters from Marvel Television’s Netflix shows began to integrate into the MCU with the addition of Matt Murdock aka Daredevil and Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin. Spider-Man: No Way Home And Hawkeye, respectively. While Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio reprized their roles from the New York City-set Defenders Saga, none of the other actors from the Netflix show have been confirmed to return besides Berthall as the Punisher. However, street-level heroes are becoming far more prominent in the MCU’s multiverse saga, which could indicate heroes like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist may eventually be introduced, and they could potentially end their villains. can bring with you.

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Sharon Carter’s Power Broker Will Be Important In The Future Of The MCU

falcon and winter soldier Set up several important storylines for the future of the MCU, including Sam Wilson becoming the new Captain America of the MCU, John Walker coming under Valentina as a US agent, and Sharon Carter debuting as a shadowy power broker. these storylines will come to a head Captain America: New World Order And by lightning, which could see the return of Emily VanCamp as Carter, now operating in the shadows while building her empire. one of the major plot points in falcon and winter soldier There was the development of a new super-soldier serum, which will definitely have a huge impact on the MCU.

during falcon and winter soldier, it was revealed that Carter had hired a former HYDRA scientist, Dr. Wilfred Nagel, who would grant superhuman strength to its users without any physical change. This serum was taken by Carly Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers and by John Walker during his time as Captain America. While Nagel was killed and all vials of the super-soldier serum were destroyed, it is likely that Carter would still be interested in re-developing the successful serum.

The power broker may have a connection to Jessica Jones’ Will Simpson

Netflix will travel as Will Simpson in Jessica Jones

Should Sharon Carter be able to synthesize a new version of the super-soldier serum, it’s possible it could be used for military purposes in the MCU, opening the door for Netflix to reintroduce a villain. jessica jones, Will Travel Debut as Will Simpson jessica jones Season 1, a United States Army veteran and NYPD officer who forms a relationship with Trish Walker after David Tennant’s encounter with Kilgrave. Simpson’s obsession with pursuing and killing Kilgrave eventually drives him back into the arms of IGH, for which he was previously a patient, where Combat Enhancer pills are introduced.

Combat enhancers were designed to control the body’s adrenaline to make their users stronger, more effective, and less sensitive to pain. Red pills increase the body’s adrenaline, white pills balance adrenaline levels, and blue pills allow the user to safely relax. while simpson abused these pills jessica jones And in the Marvel Comics where he became the overseer of Nuke, a combat enhancer of this nature would certainly be invaluable to the military forces of the MCU. Perhaps the power broker of the MCU could be creating these pills and potentially even the mastermind behind the villainous IGH, creating an opportunity for Simpson to return to the MCU.

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Super Soldier Pills Are The Logical Next Step In The MCU

Will Simpson Taking His Super Pills in Jessica Jones

Throughout the MCU, several attempts were made to recreate the original super-soldier serum that gave Steve Rogers his abilities as Captain America, though many of these attempts failed miserably. Attempts at the super-soldier serum turned Johann Schmidt into the Red Skull, Bruce Banner into the Hulk, and Emil Blonsky into the Abomination (when mixed with Banner’s blood), though the likes of Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Alexey Shostakov, Flag Smashers , and John Walker all successfully took the serum. After Nagel develops a streamlined version of the MCU’s super-soldier serum falcon and winter soldierSharon Carter will likely continue to experiment with the serum.

This could lead to the development of combat enhancement pills, adapted from the super-soldier serum that proved very successful with Flag Smashers. The development of a pill version of the serum would allow mass production and distribution, posing a significant challenge to Sam Wilson’s Captain America and a true display of strength from the power broker’s new status as a free American citizen. . While More Characters From Netflix’s Defenders Saga Are Rumored To Come From The MCU, Will Simpson jessica jones could make its MCU debut thanks to the actions of the Power Broker.

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