Marvel’s Blade Change Risks Making MCU Phase 4’s New Problem Worse

Marvel’s blade The reboot is constantly rolling out changes that threaten to make the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s recent problems worse. While very little is known about blade or its story, the film has quickly become infamous for its frequent production delays and behind-the-scenes drama, which has resulted in its release date being pushed back to late 2024, though future delays have not been ruled out. May go. In the wake of the controversial Phase 4 of the MCU, which saw below-average critical reviews and box office numbers for the franchise, the latest report changes blade Phase 5 threatens to exacerbate Marvel’s biggest problems.

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Marvel first announced it blade Reboot at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Titanic Vampire Hunter with Mahershala Ali Replacing Wesley Snipes. The film was included in Kevin Feige’s announcements while revealing the MCU’s slate for Phase 4, but was eventually revealed as an entry in Phase 5. later replaced by lovecraft countryYan Demange. around the same time, blade Dropped In Marvel’s Slate Several Months Ago, Now Set To Release Later by lightningWhich is the definitive finale for Phase 5, suggesting that Ali’s MCU debut will be a part of Phase 6.

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The Cut Near Blade Was Rumored To Be Kit Harrington’s Black Knight

Recent reports indicate that blade Cut a Black Knight role as part of its massive rewrite. Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman was introduced eternal, the controversial Phase 4 film from Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao. Whitman, also known as the superhero Black Knight in Marvel Comics, played a minor role in eternal But appeared in the post-credits scene of the film, possibly setting up his future in the MCU. The scene ended with the shocking implication that he would appear in the upcoming blade Mahershala Ali made a surprise vocal cameo in the latter film, though the future of this exciting team-up now appears to be at stake following Marvel’s shakeup.

the implication is that blade Now there will be a prequel which will make it hard for the Black Knight to appear, especially since it’s implied eternalThe post-credits scene marks Dane Whitman’s first encounter with the Vampire Hunter. While it may have been Marvel’s plan to use blade As a springboard for the coming together of more supernatural heroes on his team, including Harrington’s Black Knight, the film can now be used to introduce Ali’s character to a new generation of moviegoers, who are familiar with the original. may not be familiar with. blade Trilogy. choose to set blade Will explain Harrington’s alleged exit from the film in the past eternalPost credits scene.

Blade Cutting fails to deliver on Black Knight Eternals credits tease

Dan Whitman and the Ebony Blade from the Eternals post-credits scene.

bladeThe recent changes suggest that the film will fail to perform eternalPost credits scene. In the final tag for the 2021 film, Dane Whitman is shown preparing to claim a family heirloom, which is suggested to be the mystical blade known as the Ebony Blade. In Marvel Comics, the Ebony Blade is the signature weapon of the Black Knight and each of his predecessors, granting them the magical ability to cut through anything, including Celestial armor. The scene ends with Ali’s voiceover as Blade asks Whitman if he is truly ready to take on Blade before he bites Black, leaving the scene on an intense cliffhanger that will remain unresolved.

Together blade‘ Recent story turns, the Black Knight’s MCU origin runs the risk of becoming a complete misfire. It’s been years since Whitman’s meeting with Blade, both in-universe and the real world, with Marvel giving little indication as to what the character’s future in the franchise might be. If Marvel waits too long to reveal its plans for the Black Knight, the studio risks audiences losing interest in the character altogether, especially since he’s not widely known outside of comic fandom. . The MCU desperately needs concrete evidence of a plan for the Black Knight’s future very soon, it should finally follow eternal‘ post-credits promise.

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Several MCU Phase 4 Credits Teases Aren’t Complete Yet

Various post-credits scenes from the MCU Phase 4 movies.

The post-credits set-ups and teases of Phase 4 have become somewhat infamous in recent years for making tall promises that might not be fulfilled for years. Major characters and storylines were unveiled in the end-credits scenes of Phase 4, very few of which have actually been fleshed out in the MCU so far. In particular, the Phase 4 films faced criticism for introducing too many characters at once, many of whom may not appear in the MCU for several more years, including Starfox and the Black Knight. eternalin poison Spider-Man: No Way Homecli in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and in Hercules thor: love and thunder,

Unfortunately, the recent post-credits scenes haven’t lived up to the iron ManK’s iconic end tag, though they certainly attempt to capture a familiar sentiment. Phase 4’s end-credits teases are pretty lofty and rely heavily on stunt casting, revealing major stars like Harry Styles and Charlize Theron as new MCU superheroes, offering no new hints on upcoming storylines involving those characters. do not provide information. Unlike Samuel L. Jackson’s first scene as Nick Fury, many of Episode 4’s credits scenes feel empty, with the final moments showing the characters in the movies as misguided fan service rather than serving a larger story. What could have been an exhilarating moment is cut short by mere hollow execution.

Thankfully, Phase 5 is fixing the post-credits problem that became so prevalent in Phase 4. First entry in step 5, Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantummaniaDespite being controversial among critics and audiences, it took the first step to deliver a more substantial post-credits scene. In its two end-credit scenes, quantum frenzy introduced several Kong variants, all portrayed by Jonathan Majors, each with massive implications for the future of the multiverse saga. These forms making up Kang’s council have unlimited potential to appear in upcoming MCU projects and clearly have important roles to play, considering Kang has been confirmed as the Avengers’ next big threat.

When and How the Black Knight Might Return to the MCU

Black Knight with Ebony Blade in Marvel Comics

Dan Whitman Could Still Return In Other MCU Projects Apart From Upcoming blade reboot. For example, the character has a good chance of appearing in Heavy Rumor. eternal A sequel, which has not been confirmed, has been hinted at by several cast and crew members from the original film. At the end of the original film, Gemma Chan’s Cersei is abducted by the Celestial Erishme in front of Dany’s eyes, leaving her fate uncertain. so it would be a natural progression of Dane’s story if he took the ebony blade in Eternal 2 In a desperate attempt to save Sersi and her friends from the Celestials.

Although blade Kit Harington’s MCU character could also have a future in other supernatural projects within the franchise. Marvel has come to embrace the horror genre in recent years with projects such as multiverse of madness And werewolf by night, In fact, the MCU is even rumored to be setting up its very own Midnight Sons team, which could be led by Blade himself. The Black Knight is a definite candidate for Marvel’s Midnight Sons, especially given the mysterious nature of his comic book counterpart. that too without cameo bladeDan Whitman is sure to join Daywalker in a future MCU team-up.

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