Marvel Is Bringing Back The Wrong Daredevil Villain For Born Again

there’s a better villain who should be brought back Daredevil: Born Again, According to recent updates, the filming of the upcoming MCU series has begun, currently slated to release in 2024 on Disney+. However, the schedule changes for the 2023 show are only considered bottle gourd season 2 and secret attack Coming this year, this estimate may backfire. Regardless, after the return of Charlie Cox Spider-Man: No Way Home And then She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, The hype has continued to grow. And now as more information is coming to the fore almost daily, Daredevil: Born Again Definitely one of the highly anticipated MCU projects coming in the pipeline.

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Hope remains on upcoming projects, which include Daredevil: Born Again, will bring lost relics of the Marvel TV era back to the MCU. In fact, fans have developed theories linking the show runway And Agatha: Covenant of Chaos Or agents of SHIELD And secret attack Together. Meanwhile, there are hopes Daredevil: Born Again including essentially Marvel-Netflix will relaunch the series jessica jones And luke cage, However, the recent news that neither Foggy nor Karen may return is cause for concern and may prevent some fans from developing such hopes. An important character is back, but it’s interesting to consider whether or not there actually might have been a better fit.

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Jon Bernthal’s Punisher Returning For Born Again But As A Hero Or Villain?

Recently, it was announced that Jon Bernthal will be returning as the Punisher. Daredevil: Born Again, He debuted as Frank Castle Daring Season 2, and served as an antagonist for most of the season. He then made his own Netflix series, Punisher, which highlighted his redemption as a heroic figure. While he left things with a bright future, the MCU may have different plans. There’s Every Chance That The Punisher Could Be The Villain Daredevil: Born Again Being a heroic ally of his.

This quirk actually shows up to be a very important element to the Punisher’s return and what it means for the MCU. At present, there is still confusion whether Daring, Punisher And other Marvel TV shows were or were ever officially part of the MCU canon or if they’ve always been MCU-adjacent. If Daredevil: Born Again Ignores the trajectory of the Punisher Daring And Punisher And just brings him back as an antagonist again, it effectively sequesters those shows and characters into proximate status. The show would be better served to continue its narrative rather than ditch it and start anew. This not only goes for the Punisher, but Daredevil himself and anyone else brought back.

Daredevil Season 3’s Bullseye Was an Even Better Villain Than the Punisher

Wilson Bethel Bullseye

While Vincent D’Onofrio’s gangster will certainly be a central antagonist Daredevil: Born Again, But he should not be alone. Bullseye Should Return, Even Charlie Cox Thinks So, And If It Decides To Daredevil: Born Again is an extension of Daring, they already have a huge cliffhanger to take on. season 3 of Daring Wilson Bethel’s descent into villainy followed as Benjamin Poindexter. Significantly, his arc, in which he acted as a foil to Daredevil and even came to pose as the hero, was riveting and ended with his back being broken by the Kingpin. The season and series have come to an end.

This led to the final moment in which his eyes open on the surgery table and the audience sees his pupils become bullseye, marking his transformation into the eponymous villain. It’s a tease that still hangs around five years later. Just as Bernthal’s Punisher deserves a second life in a fully realized and unified MCU, so does Bethel’s Bullseye. bringing him back can solve Daring The Season 3 ending finally features him in his prime as Bullseye. Plus, given how things ended with the Kingpin, he could serve as a secondary antagonist opposing the two, adding to the stakes and connective tissue of the series.

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Bullseye To Be Daredevil: Born Again

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Most importantly, Bullseye is perfect to help build a bridge between the old regime and the new regime. This will not only ensure that the MCU is actually getting involved Daring as part of the franchise, rather than just picking up certain elements. Bethel returning to the role would be a natural progression not only for Bullseye but for Daredevil as a hero. The MCU needs to tread lightly, so they don’t rehash the same stories and power dynamics as before. As such, Daredevil has more great villains than just the Kingpin, and he shouldn’t let the opportunity to use Bullseye, arguably Daredevil’s greatest nemesis, pass him by.

Bullseye is essential to Daredevil’s long-term health in the MCU. Fortunately, his chances are surprisingly good, especially considering how Daredevil: Born Again The MCU is working like no other Disney+ show. basically, Daredevil: Born AgainThe first season will be 18 episodes long, which is unprecedented for the MCU. It’s perfect because a lot can be fit into 18 episodes, including ample storylines involving the Punisher, the Kingpin, and of course, Bullseye. Hopefully the trend continues Daredevil: Born Again makes an impression by reintroducing Bullseye.

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