Laurence Fishburne Seemingly Forgets He’s Already In The MCU

Laurence Fishburne apparently forgets he’s already joined mcu as Bill Foster ant-man and the wasp, known for his work in Boyz N the Hood And this matrix franchise, Laurence Fishburne is just one of many well-known Hollywood actors to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in recent years. of 2018 ant-man and the wasp Fishburne’s MCU debut as Bill Foster, Hank Pym’s former S.H.I.E.L.D. colleague and Ava Starr’s caretaker.

while promoting john wick 4 In an interview with phase zero podcast, Laurence Fishburne expresses his admiration for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fishburne reveals his excitement for the upcoming Captain America: New World Order And suggests that he is open to joining the franchise when the time is right. Weirdly, Fishburne’s words make it sound like he doesn’t remember that he’s already joined the MCU. Watch the clip below.

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“I’m an MCU guy, man. I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And as much as I’d love to be in it, I’m happy being a fan and looking forward to whatever’s coming. Like I just heard , I was in Atlanta, I heard they’re getting ready to do another Captain America. I’m like: “Yeah! Bring it!”

Although Laurence Fishburne’s comments seem like a casual admission that he doesn’t remember playing Bill Foster in the MCU, they could also be read as a subtle hint of his possible return. In the interview, Fishburne emphasized his excitement. “For Whatever’s Coming” and knowledge about captain America, new World OrderI’m filming with some exaggerated facial expressions. With Marvel Studios’ strict secrecy, it wouldn’t be surprising for the MCU actor to feign a complete lack of connection with the franchise in order to keep his future involvement under wraps.

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When can Laurence Fishburne return to the MCU?

Laurence Fishburne’s Bill Foster was last seen on the run from the FBI with his adopted daughter, Ava Starr. ant-man and the wasp, Seeing that Hannah John-Kamen’s Ava Star aka Ghost is set to return marvel’s vajra, it’s possible that Fishburne’s Bill Foster will play a small supporting role in the ensemble film, or at least a fleeting cameo that confirms his whereabouts. Future MCU appearances of Ant-Man could also bring back Bill Foster in some capacity, as Fishburne’s character has ties to the Pym Particles and the Quantum Realm.

In the case that Laurence Fishburne is actually ranting about joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his enthusiasm for Captain America: New World Order can get a solid clue about mcu Future. Captain America: New World Order Bill Foster would be a fitting presence, as Anthony Mackie’s Captain America might be interested in bringing an under-appreciated Black superhero into the limelight. As Sam Wilson Identifies Isaiah Bradley As The Forgotten Super Soldier falcon and winter soldierHe can attest to Bill Foster’s past as a shapeshifter scientist who became Giant-Man long before Scott Lang first took on the Ant-Man helmet.

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Source: phase zero/Twitter

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