Iron Man MCU Return Could Bring Back Endgame’s Cut Character

a cut character from avengers: endgame Robert Downey Jr. may return to the MCU in place of Iron Man. Rumors have been circulating of RDJ returning to the MCU since Tony Stark’s sacrifice at the end of avengers: endgame, with the multiverse saga perhaps providing the perfect opportunity for him to return as the main Iron Man of the MCU. Now that Marvel Studios has closed out Phase 5 of their shared universe, avengers: kong dynasty And avengers: secret wars Are in Sight, later speculated to include several returning superheroes from other franchises and the history of the MCU.

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step 4 led Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessMany expected a version of Tony Stark to appear as a member of Earth-838’s Illuminati, but Stark was missing from the multiverse Iron Man line-up, despite several iconic heroes being present. However, this has led to inspired speculation that Earth-838’s version of Iron Man could make his way to Universe 616 to take revenge on Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch for the destruction caused to his reality. While this is one possible storyline that could see the return of Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man’s MCU return could come with an unexpected twist.

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Morgan Stark could be the Iron Man of Earth-838

Instead of Robert Downey Jr. returning as Tony Stark in future MCU projects, the Iron Man role could be filled by his daughter, Morgana Stark. Lexie Rabe debuted as Morgan Stark during avengers: endgame, although a cut scene set in the Soul Realm would have seen Tony meeting an adult version of Morgana Stark, portrayed by Katherine Langford. Despite being the daughter of one of the MCU’s most legendary heroes, there was no mention of Morgana Stark during Phase 4 of the MCU, though endgame Certainly not the end of his story.

An adult Morgan could be revealed to be the mastermind of Earth-838 instead of her father, so instead of Tony Stark returning to exact vengeance on the heroes of Earth-616, Morgan’s Iron Man could be the perfect replacement. There was no mention of Iron Man during Earth-838 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but since Ultron is acting according to that reality, it’s likely that a version of Stark is out there. Swapping Tony for Morgan would be the best way to quell audience expectations while still giving viewers hope for Iron Man to be the future of the MCU.

RDJ Had The Perfect MCU Farewell (So He Shouldn’t Be Coming Back)

Tony Stark is using the Infinity Stones in Avengers Endgame

While it would be great to see Robert Downey Jr. grace the MCU as Tony Stark once again, his return would risk tarnishing his legacy in the franchise, especially since his departure. avengers: endgame It was such a powerful moment. The Infinity Saga completely finalizes the story of the original six Avengers, with Black Widow sacrificing herself for the Soul Stone, Captain America retiring with Peggy Carter, and Hulk, Hawkeye, and Thor all seeing major changes. Were staying Iron Man snapping his fingers to finish off Thanos and his army is a moment that will go down in cinema history, so it deserves the respect it deserves.

The introduction of a version of Tony Stark could sidestep the issue, as it won’t be the Iron Man of main continuity brought back from the dead. However, RDJ is so synonymous with the MCU’s Iron Man that it would be a shame for him to portray an entirely different version of the character. This responsibility may instead fall on a different actor, especially after multiverse of madness And Spider-Man: No Way Home Proved that not all versions look the same and not all realities follow the same storylines. This makes Morgan the perfect replacement for Tony Stark, keeping it in the family but with a twist.

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Avengers: Endgame West Pepper Potts Rescue

Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) comes to the rescue in armor in Avengers: Endgame

did not do avengers: endgame introduces Tony Stark’s daughter to the MCU, but also features the superhero debut of Pepper Potts as Rescue, assisting in the final epic battle against Thanos. It was great to see Pepper finally come to the rescue, but the third act endgame was so packed with heroes that she got lost in the mix, and her grand entrance was completely overshadowed, especially after of endgame Disappointing A-Force tease. Bringing back Morgan Stark as Earth-838’s Iron Man might be the best way to resolve this pointless rescue story endgame In a way that honors both of the character’s parents.

Morgan Stark is suiting up as the multiversal version of Iron Man in the MCU’s future and will be performing a female Iron Man for just a few moments. Introducing Dominic Thorne as Riri Williams, aka Ironheart Black Panther: Wakanda Forever The MCU has started on this journey, but her actual connection to Tony Stark is still a mystery. Morgan Stark’s return will help clear up a lot of loose ends avengers: endgame While still providing a dramatic enough story to propel the MCU forward, especially if the multiversal hero is following the MCU’s Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch.

Morgan Stark Could Be Stark’s MCU Legacy Hero (Not Ironheart)

Morgan Stark as Tony Stark's Iron Man Legacy Hero in the MCU

after his introduction in Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverIronheart is being established as the legacy hero of Iron Man in the MCU, a theme that became more prominent during Phase 4. However, while Williams clearly has access to Stark technology and has developed a suit similar to the Iron Man armor. , for him to continue Tony Stark’s legacy doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It is currently unknown whether Williams and Stark actually knew each other prior to Tony. endgame death, although it may be exposed during iron Heart on Disney+, and since Stark has had a propensity for mentoring young heroes, it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

Morgan Stark returning to the MCU and carrying up his father’s legacy makes more sense, while Ironheart could still serve as a separate hero. There Are Big Questions About Morgan Stark’s Future In The MCU After Her Brief Introduction Avengers: endgame, so it would be great to see the character get more development in future projects, be it the 616-universe Morgan or his Earth-838 version. That way, Robert Downey Jr.’s story as Iron Man can continue without spoiling his idyllic departure in the MCU’s Infinity Saga.

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