Hugh Jackman Training Video Shows His Wolverine Progress For Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman deadpool 3 Training is in full swing, with the actor sharing a new video of his workout to be Wolverine once again. Jackman is known for having achieved an impressive physique during his more than 20 years playing a member of the X-Men. The actor will reprise his iconic Wolverine role next year deadpool 3, who partners with his friend Ryan Reynolds for an adventure set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As such, Jackman has been training hard to get back into Wolverine shape.

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jackman Shared a new workout video of mine on Twitter deadpool 3 training with the caption “I’m #becomingwolverineagain.,

In 2017, the end of the film logan appeared to seal Jackman’s Wolverine’s fate, with the character dying and receiving a gentle tribute as Daphne Keen’s Laura placed the cross on his grave to symbolize Wolverine’s X-Men past as “X”. Changed to “. However, Jackman is now set to return to the MCU as Wolverine.

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Why Hugh Jackman Shouldn’t Be The Wolverine Of The MCU

While Jackman will play Wolverine in the MCU, the actor shouldn’t be the main version of the character in that universe. Marvel Studios is currently developing its Multiverse Saga, which allows actors from the Fox X-Men universe to cross over into the MCU as versions of their characters. appeared in Patrick Stewart’s Professor X Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessas a multiverse version of the character instead of Charles Xavier from the X-Men movie timeline.

deadpool 3 Jackman’s Wolverine Should Get Used To A Similar Role, Even If He’s Bigger Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Stewart’s done with Professor X. Jackman was very upfront about being done with the role of Wolverine after 2017 logan, However, the actor also clarified that he wished to share the screen with the Avengers of the MCU, something he can now achieve with a stint in the MCU. deadpool 3, Jackman returns as Wolverine after the film avengers: secret wars would give him a chance to fulfill his wishes, with that film rumored to feature several actors from Marvel’s live-action history.

avengers: secret wars The multiverse will bring an end to the saga, meaning Jackman could get a big event movie to serve as his final chapter as Wolverine, perhaps sharing the screen with some actors from the Fox X-Men franchise. , and leaving the role for a younger actor in the MCU. Marvel needs to own up to its take on X-Men, as Fox movies are known for confusing timelines, and later releases are being panned by critics and fans. A clean slate after Jackman’s Wolverine debut in the MCU deadpool 3and potential role avengers: secret warsExactly what Marvel needs.

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Source: Hugh Jackman/Twitter

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