First Look At New Falcon Actor Filming

New one Captain America: New World Order The set photo shows a first look at Danny Ramirez as Joaquin Torres. Appearing first in a Disney+ series falcon and winter soldier, Ramirez’s character was established as a possible replacement for Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, who had recently put aside his days as the Falcon to take up the mantle of Captain America. Now, new photos reveal Ramirez and Mackie on set new World Order,

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Just days after the first photos from the filming of Anthony Mackie captain america 4 A new set of images recently posted by has surfaced online LRgang Productions The Instagram featured Ramirez working out with his co-star. Check Out The Pictures Of The Set Below:

In Captain America: New World Order In set photos, Mackie and Ramirez are seen walking out of a diner in character, before apparently going their separate ways. The last two shots show Ramirez alone, adopting a more somber look than the previous shots, perhaps indicating a tense turn in the scene’s tone following Torres and Wilson’s separation.

What to expect from Falcon in Captain America: The New World Order

despite returning to Captain America: New World OrderLittle is known yet about Joaquin Torres’ role, or what his future in the MCU could be. However, recent photos posted by the MCU actor show off Ramirez’s superhero physique, which means he’ll be taking on a more action-heavy role than before. falcon and winter soldier, which featured only brief action scenes for his character. In fact, now that Sam Wilson has officially taken up the Captain America mantle, new World Order Torres taking his place as Falcon, as happened in the comics.

falcon and winter soldier That certainly hints at Torres taking over the mantle from Sam Wilson, setting up a connection between the two characters in the Disney+ series. In an era where so many new characters are stepping into the alter-egos of older MCU heroes, it makes sense for the franchise to make Torres the new Falcon in the wake of her predecessor’s hype. Whether or not Torres’ Falcon will come with an upgrade remains to be seen, however, as some comic book iterations of the character include special superpowers that have yet to be introduced in the MCU.

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captain america 4 It could also reveal Joaquin Torres’ role in the future of the MCU. As the franchise expands into new and exciting territory, the new Falcon could have a place on one of several superhero teams. With her partner confirmed to be a major part in the next Avengers lineup, Torres could find herself among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, leading to her return. Avengers: Kang Dynasty. opposite of this, Captain America: New World Order may choose to take his new Falcon in a different direction, which won’t be revealed until the film finally hits theaters next May.

Source: LRgang Productions/Instagram

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