Every MCU Actor Who Quit The Franchise

even though marvel cinematic universe While the franchise has been incredibly successful during its multi-decade run, there have been a number of actors who have stepped down from their Marvel franchise roles for various reasons. Whether it’s a scheduling dispute, a pay dispute, or just creative differences, it’s not uncommon for MCU actors to withdraw from the franchise when things aren’t quite right – especially since Marvel Studios was famous for its long-term contracts and commitments. The franchise relies on its most beloved characters who return throughout the years in multiple movies and TV shows, so it’s always important that actors bring the right amount of dedication and devotion to their roles.

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While most of the main cast of the MCU has remained the same over the years, many side characters have been recast or rewritten to deal with problems behind the scenes. Marvel Studios typically casts well-known and beloved actors to play their most important characters, and this can sometimes lead to complicated scheduling issues because these stars always have a lot on their plate. . Several MCU roles have also been recast due to outside controversy or firing, but it is common for actors to voluntarily step back from these characters.

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Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/The Hulk

Edward Norton had plans for Hulk after he starred in the second MCU feature, the incredible Hulk, but creative differences with the studio eventually led them to back out and rejoin Mark Ruffalo. The exact details of this recasting are still unclear, and neither side has been entirely open about whether it was a mutual decision, but it is clear that Norton’s intentions for the character were very different from those of Marvel Studios. Were. Norton acknowledged that “what has kevin feige done [with the MCU] Perhaps one of the best executions of a business plan in the history of the entertainment industry” (Via NYT,

Norton made some of his best movies after stepping down from Marvel, so while the decision may not have been easy at the time, it’s clearly paid off. In his own words, Norton was given the opportunity to leave and “do all other things [he] Wanted to do,” while his absence allowed Mark Ruffalo to bring the characters of Bruce Banner and Hulk to life in a new and exciting way.

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Terrence Howard as James Rhodes

Terrence Howard in Tony's lab in Iron Man

Although Don Cheadle’s portrayal of James Rhodes aka War Machine has become a huge part of the MCU, he was not Marvel’s first choice for the role. The character was originally played by Terrence Howard in 2000. iron Man, But after serious salary negotiations, Howard declined to return to the job. iron Man 2, Marvel Studios reportedly offered Howard “one eighth“What he was originally promised for the sequel was because he believed the film would be successful”.with or withoutHis. The actor refused to accept the reduced payment, leaving the job to Don Cheadle, who has since taken over the role.

While most of the actors coming back from the MCU have a lot of respect and admiration for the franchise, Howard is still unhappy with the whole experience. Speaking about Robert Downey Jr.’s involvement in the case, Howard claimed “[he] took the money going to me and pushed me outThe actor also revealed that he reached out to Downey to help secure better talks, but “he didn’t call [Howard] back for three months, Although Downey gives credit to Howard iron Man Casting, the pair no longer seem to be on great terms.

Josh Dallas as Fandral

Josh Dallas as Fandral in Thor

Although Fandral did not play a large role in the first thor In the film, Josh Dallas nevertheless made the character his own and delivered several memorable lines. Unfortunately, the actor was also committed to ABC Once upon a time, Due to which he had to leave the MCU role after one project. He claims that he wanted “hand over the reins” since “the timing was not right” (Via ew, The character was eventually replaced with Zachary Levy in the role, which saw him return for the first two thor appear in flashbacks in the sequel and the fourth installment, thor: love and thunder,

Fandral was relegated to the MCU due to scheduling complications, but that doesn’t mean Dallas is any less fond of the character. He admitted that he would be first in line to see whoever replaced him, proving that there is no blood between him and Marvel. He just wanted to do what he said”best job on tvThe character continued to be a fun addition to Thor’s story, appearing throughout his travels to offer some funny one-liners or just offer support on the battlefield. Levi did a great job of capturing that same charm and charisma. Worked as Dallas did in the original film.

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hugo weaving as red skull

Red-Skull holding the Tesseract in Captain America The First Avenger

despite being the best part of Captain America: The First Avenger, Hugo Weaving was hesitant to reprise his role as the Red Skull when Marvel Studios sought him out. avengers: infinity war And avengers: endgame, Weaving claims that he was offered “Much lessthan what they received for these two projects combined captain America film, which made him turn down the appearance (via time up, Weaving’s return would have been a great callback, but the actor claims it was “impossibleto negotiate a fair salary with Marvel. The role of the Red Skull went to Ross Marquand, who voiced the character, while Weaving’s image of his physical appearance was created with CGI.

Marvel Studios is known for its longstanding contracts and complicated agreements with its actors, and Weaving’s case is one of the most bizarre. when inserted captain America: the first Avenger, Weaving signed a contract for three feature-length projects. Yet Marvel didn’t call the other two until seven years later. He claims that Marvel “pushed back on those contracts [they] agree,” which was not what he saw all those years ago. After all the complications that came with the role, Weaving admitted that he simply “didn’t really want to do it that much” and that was that. If brought back sooner, the Red Skull could have been a huge player.

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