Every Mark Ruffalo MCU Movie & Show, Ranked

Although the best Mark Ruffalo movies go far beyond the superhero genre, there’s an obvious specific interest in his appearances as Bruce Banner in several MCU projects. Though Edward Norton originated the role of Bruce Banner, AKA the Hulk, the incredible HulkThe recasting and debut of Mark Ruffalo proved to be a hit, and he has remained a huge part of the MCU since Phase 1. This has resulted in a lot of Mark Ruffalo movies and shows within the MCU, some better than others.

Ruffalo debuts in the MCUthe Avengers, and while he has yet to get his solo Hulk project, he has appeared in 10 films and shows within the cinematic universe. Some of these have been forgettable and critically panned entries, while others are viewed as top-tier Marvel hits. While Hulk’s future in the MCU is unclear, he has appeared in a number of Marvel projects – from stories where Hulk appears prominently to small cameos – which means he has a meaningful way of ranking Mark Ruffalo’s MCU appearances. There’s ample MCU screen-time to build on.

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10 Iron Man 3 (2013)

after bruce banner’s whereabouts the Avengers was revealed when he appeared in the post-credits scene iron Man 3, Bruce was living with Tony Stark, though he had no interest in Tony’s retelling of the events of the film. iron Man 3 marked the final solo outing for Robert Downey Jr., which saw him get to be the hero outside of the Iron Man suit. Writer-director Shane Black is bringing his action-comedy chops to the sequel, iron Man 3 Enjoyable time. However, not everyone appreciated the twist involving the Mandarin, and since Mark Ruffalo’s appearance was only a post-credits cameo, iron Man 3 Doesn’t win back a favor for your inclusion.

9 Captain Marvel (2019)

Bruce Banner at the Avengers Compound in Captain Marvel

One of the changes fans wanted in the MCU was the presence of a major female superhero, which was achieved captain marvel, The film depicts the origin story of Carol Danvers where she gains powers from the Space Stone and helps the Skrulls fight off Ronan’s attacks. Ruffalo only appears in the post-credits scene. captain marvel, set to the current time. The Avengers are shown discussing Danvers’ arrival before meeting in person. Brie Larson gave birth to a powerful new MCU hero, and her pairing with a young Nick Fury worked. However, the weak final act cut it short, and as with iron Man 3, Bruce Banner’s incredibly brief appearance means captain marvel It doesn’t quite topple any spots when it comes to focusing the MCU movies through the Mark Ruffalo lens.

8 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021)

Bruce Banner in a hologram in Shang-Chi

Mark Ruffalo makes his first appearance in the MCU avengers: endgame in the post credits scene Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Bruce was shown in human form and called upon to share his opinion on the strange power of the ten rings. While that tease may tie into the wider universe, Shang-Chi works best as its own solo story that introduces this exciting new hero. Simu Lui is impressive in his breakout role, while Tony Leung’s Wenwu boasts martial arts sequences and layered villain fights Shang Chi One of the best reviewed movies of Phase 4. As far as the Mark Ruffalo MCU appearance goes, this was both unexpected and welcome since Shang-Chi and Bruce Banner are not linked in the same way that Hulk and Iron-Man are.

7 what if…? (2021-)

Bruce Banner holding something in What If

there are many different scenarios what if…? It shows events previously seen in the MCU in alternate universes. Mark Ruffalo voiced Bruce Banner in stories set during such times as Infinity War and Bruce’s escape from Thunderbolt Ross’ army. what if…? fans thought they would never see in the MCU. For example, Ruffalo was one of the lead actors for the Zombie arc, which was marvel zombies Spin-off for how popular it turned out to be. However, there was also a feeling that it was more disposable and low-key than most MCU projects.

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6 She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (2022-)

Smart Hulk talking to Jennifer in She-Hulk

Bruce Banner/Hulk’s appearance was one of the primary things fans wanted to see She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, The show focuses on Jennifer Walters as she balances being She-Hulk and a lawyer, with Smart Hulk appearing frequently to offer her guidance. she hulk It has been acclaimed for being the first outright comedy feature in the MCU. Mark Ruffalo has also been able to display his comedy chops through hilarious scenes shared with Tatiana Maslany, whose funny and heartwarming performance sells the show. The fourth-wall-breaking nature of the series and its wild finale showed it’s ready to do something different with the MCU formula.

5 Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Bruce Banner in Avengers Age of Ultron wearing glasses and looking to his left

Although the sequel proved to be a huge hit at the box office, its popularity Avengers: Age of Ultron rapidly diminished since its release. The story follows the rogue AI Ultron gaining spirit and taking drastic measures to fulfill his own distorted interpretation of Tony Stark’s goal – “peace in our timeNew characters like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were introduced and the Infinity Stones and Thanos were setup to come into play in the aftermath. age of Ultron It was Ruffalo’s second full-time outing as Bruce Banner and the Hulk. what makes age of Ultron The appearance of a great MCU Mark Ruffalo showcased how much of the internal conflict between Bruce Banner and the Hulk laid the fundamental groundwork for the character’s big-screen future.

4 Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Bruce Banner looked surprised in Avengers Infinity War

The most ambitious team-up happened in avengers: infinity war, where the heroes of the universe attempt to stop Thanos from completing the Snap. Bruce took control of Hulk’s body after Thanos stomped him during their fight, with Bruce heading to Wakanda with his allies to fight off Thanos’ invasion. avengers: infinity war It was appreciated for the way it showcased so many heroes during its runtime. It was exciting to bring Guardians of the Galaxy into the fold while Thanos’ portrayal was up for grabs for best Marvel villain. It came to a shocking conclusion that delivered an emotional gut punch to fans while setting up an epic conclusion – all of which heavily featured Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner.

3 The Avengers 2012)

Bruce Banner on the SHIELD helicopter in The Avengers

Mark Ruffalo debuts in the MCU the AvengersThat went a long way in summing up Hulk’s role in the MCU after Edward Norton left the role. the Avengers SHIELD watches Bruce join the titular team from his hiding place, ultimately fighting off Loki’s invasion. Any doubts about whether this cinematic idea would work were put to rest with its success. the Avengers, it went on to become one of the highest-grossing films of all time while earning strong reviews. The clashing egos of these comic book icons showed everyone just how much fun it was going to be to have an entire universe where these larger-than-life characters could interact.

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2 Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Bruce Banner battles Thor in Ragnarok

Bruce and Thor haven’t had a scene together before Thor: Ragnarok, but the film established them as close friends. In Sakaar, Thor meets the Hulk as the Grandmaster’s champion, eventually recruiting him to fight against his villainous sister Hela. Thor: Ragnarok Thor was rebooted after it failed to resonate with audiences. Taika Waititi’s brand of comedy and Chris Hemsworth’s funny performance helped it become the highest-grossing Thor film as well as earn some of the best reviews of any MCU project, it was also a “Hulk and Thor” movie, But the name, and thus some of Mark Ruffalo’s best MCU moments to date.

1 Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Smart Hulk talking to Ant-Man in Avengers Endgame

Some fans found Bruce’s transformation into the Smart Hulk to be one of the more disappointing moments in the MCU, as it happened so suddenly. avengers: endgame Suddenly Smart Hulk is introduced, who reverses the Snap and fights in the Battle of Earth to defeat Thanos. avengers: endgame was universally acclaimed for tying together the Infinity Saga’s 22-film arc for an action-packed extravaganza. The film not only served as a grand superhero adventure, but also an emotionally satisfying way to bring this chapter of the MCU to a close. It saw the end of some beloved characters in the MCU while setting up the future. With such a great story avengers: endgame became the highest-grossing film of all time – and, thanks to Smart Hulk, it’s also the best film in the Mark Ruffalo MCU.

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