Coven of Chaos Would Be Better Without A Scarlet Witch Cameo

While it would certainly be eventful to see the two together again, Agatha: Covenant of Chaos Would be better off without the presence of the Scarlet Witch. After her MCU debut wandavisionKathryn Hahn will return as Agatha Harkness in a spinoff Disney+ series that released during Phase 5. Not much is known about the show so far, but Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch is noticeably absent from the cast, and probably for the better.

Agatha Harkness was first introduced in wandavision Agnes, as Wanda and Vision’s nosy neighbor, who is revealed to be a powerful witch in disguise. The series ends with the Scarlet Witch defeating Agatha and locking her away in her Westview persona, and Agatha: Covenant of Chaos can follow his journey to free himself. appears to be alive after the events of Scarlet Witch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Many people may want to see the two witches face off in a rematch. However, in order to truly focus on Agatha’s MCU story, Agatha’s spinoff series should hold off on reuniting the two.

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Agatha’s story should focus on

Agatha: Covenant of Chaos Kathryn Hahn’s good response came about because of wandavision, showing the ability of the character. In Marvel Comics, Agatha also serves as Scarlet Witch’s mentor at one point, which speaks to Agatha’s powers compared to Wanda’s. She always has a history with Wanda and the Scarlet Witch’s name will likely come up several times. While their stories may be intertwined, this spinoff series should focus on establishing Agatha’s personal story rather than rehashing scenes that have already been shown. wandavision,

Agatha Harkness is an important character in her own right, and Marvel will likely want to capitalize on her popularity. From showing her next steps after Westview to more likely flashbacks to her past in Salem, there are plenty of directions Agatha: Covenant of Chaos Could have done Especially with Westview residents who are expected to reprise their roles, as well as the addition of new big stars like Aubrey Plaza and Joe Locke, Agatha’s show will primarily focus on finding her place in the MCU with these new characters. should be focused on strengthening Wanda, not just its history.

It’s too soon for the Scarlet Witch Westview redemption arc

Wanda frees the Westview residents in WandaVision.

Westview with spinoff series and many more likely to rise wandavision Actors Returning Agatha: Covenant of Chaos Can go deep into the feelings of the residents. For him, the mental torture of the Scarlet Witch’s Westview Anomaly is still fresh. While the Scarlet Witch is a hero to many, she would certainly be considered a villain by them. It’s too soon for her to return to Westview and try and redeem her actions, as well as a villainous dynamic fitting for Wanda after her latest MCU appearance.

Scarlet Witch appears to be alive after the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, But the consequences of the destruction he has caused should weigh heavily on him. She already showed her remorse by destroying all versions of the Darkhold and while the Westview Anomaly wasn’t really her fault, Wanda is certainly reflecting on it as the start of all chaos. Not only would Wanda be considered a villain by the residents of Westview, but it would allow Agatha: Covenant of Chaos to cast his titular character in the role of protagonist for once.

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Other MCU Shows Prove Cameos Aren’t Always for the Best


The Disney+ MCU shows have met with varying degrees of success, some with more acclaim than others. While this is a chance for studios to elaborate on the stories of the films and provide satisfying cameos to the audience, it doesn’t always work in their favor. It featured heavily in addition to Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Past characters such as the Abomination and Daredevil also made appearances. It messed up the overall plot and the story ultimately wasn’t Jennifer Walters-centric. On the other hand, Ms. Marvel There were no big star cameos and showed how the MCU trusted its future hero Ms. Marvel to hold her own. Agatha: Covenant of Chaos was born from wandavision being a hit, and the MCU must rely on its fan-favorite character to propel their show forward if they want audiences to take her seriously.

one of the reasons wandavision The dynamic between Wanda and Agatha was very well received. Their initial banter as friendly neighbors brought comedy, and eventually their rivalry was an important step in the Scarlet Witch’s story. While this success may tempt Marvel to reunite them sooner than later, this spinoff series would not be the right time. The two witches may cross paths again, but Wanda must eventually sit down Agatha: Covenant of Chaos For letting Agatha create her own MCU future.

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