Chris Hemsworth Still Mad At Cate Blanchett For Destroying Thor’s Hammer

When Hela destroys Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, Chris Hemsworth vents his grudge against Cate Blanchett. Thor: Ragnarok, The God of Thunder’s first weapon of choice, Mjolnir, is destroyed by the Goddess of Death at the beginning of the movie. This effectively established her as a formidable villain, and in the nearly six years since, Hemsworth has harbored ill feelings toward Blanchett and her character for dooming Mjolnir.

On his official Twitter account, Hemsworth quote-tweeted a photo of Blanchett during a trip to Disneyland with Thor and Loki, expressing her continued displeasure about Hela destroying Thor’s hammer. Check out his tweet below:

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Due to the timing of the heist, Mjolnir briefly returned inside Avengers: Endgame. Both he and Captain America were able to use it in the final battle against Thanos. After the battle, Steve Rogers returns it along with the Infinity Stones to its original place and time so as not to create a branched timeline. Afterwards thor: love and thunderThe god of thunder is back with his beloved hammer.

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Could Cate Blanchett’s Hella Return To The MCU?

The first female main villain in the MCU, Hela was revealed to be Odin’s secret firstborn. In Taika Waititi’s acclaimed Thor: Ragnarok, he attempted to take over Asgard after the former king’s death. In the end, she is defeated by Thor and the so-called Avengers team. That being said, it is unclear what happened to him after Surtur destroyed Asgard.

With no definitive fate, it is certainly possible that Hela somehow made it out alive from destruction. Marvel Studios isn’t new to fake death or even bringing certain characters back from the dead. So, if the MCU has more stories to tell involving the Goddess of Death, there’s no doubt that Kevin Feige and his team can find a way to bring her back.

Although Hela’s return later in the MCU is certainly possible Thor: RagnarokWell, that might not happen for a while—at least with regards to live-action projects. Blanchett is already confirmed to voice the Goddess of Death Marvel’s What If…? Season 2, but other than that, there’s no word whether she’ll actually be playing the villain in a live-action show or movie. But the fact that she continues to work with Marvel Studios certainly raises the possibility of Hela returning to the MCU in a more significant way.

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Source: Chris Hemsworth/Twitter

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