Captain America 4 Set Photos Reveal Anthony Mackie’s MCU Return As Filming Begins

First Captain America: New World Order Set photos reveal Anthony Mackie’s return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as filming begins. after starring in falcon and winter soldier Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson set to star in fourth, on Disney+ in 2021 captain America Slated for release in May 2024. Sam Wilson’s debut as Captain America will bring him into conflict with President Thunderbolt Ross (Harrison Ford) and The Leader (Tim Blake Nelson). Marvel Studios has kept most of the plot details under wraps regarding how the MCU’s new Captain America will go into action against these familiar foes.

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filming has officially begun Captain America: New World OrderAs just Jared first shared captain america 4 Set photos featuring the MCU return of Anthony Mackie.

The series of photographs show Sam Wilson in casual attire as he overlooks a small restaurant known as Smith’s Diner. The scene appears to take place in West Virginia, even though captain america 4 Filming in Atlanta, Georgia. So far, Anthony Mackie is the only cast member to have been seen in the Phase 5 MCU film directed by Julis Onah. Smith’s Diner is a reference to the comics, as the location was featured in Adventures of Captain America #2 In 1991.

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What the set photos of Captain America 4 reveal about the movie

captain america 4 The set photos show little about the film or Sam Wilson’s journey on the surface. However, seeing Sam Wilson alone in West Virginia is somewhat remarkable. The character of Anthony Mackie is traditionally portrayed alongside Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) or Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). since Captain America: New World Order This being the first time that Sam Wilson is leading a solo project, the subtle emphasis placed on Sam’s personal life in these set photos is a good reminder that the film is telling his story.

captain america 4 Now will also be the first MCU project to potentially take place in West Virginia. agents of SHIELD The state was visited during Season 2, but none of the Marvel Studios projects have ever included characters from the state. Sam’s stop in West Virginia could be significant, though, because of the MCU’s major ties to Virginia. They may have been traveling through West Virginia on their way to visit Contessa Valentina at the CIA’s headquarters in Langley or on their way to Virginia to meet with President Ross at the Pentagon.

Now that captain america 4 While filming is underway, more set photos of Anthony Mackie may begin to circulate in the coming weeks and months. They could also reveal more about Sam Wilson’s journey and how he’ll interact with the film’s many Hulk-related villains. In the meantime, Captain America: New World OrderThe pictures from the sets clearly confirm that the film is in production and is right on time to hit the May 2024 release date.

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