Captain America 4 Can’t Repeat 1 Steve Rogers Tragedy For Sam Wilson

Captain America: New World Order Sam Wilson Will Have His First Solo Movie, But It Might Not Repeat The Steve Rogers Tragedy Captain America: The First Avenger, The Marvel Cinematic Universe transitioned Anthony Mackie’s character from The Falcon to the new Captain America at the end of Phase 3. Chris Evans after Steve Rogers’ absence avengers: endgame Sam is allowed to take the mantle and lead captain america 4, while the events falcon and winter soldier Helped to show Sam’s journey in accepting the title, the Phase 5 film would be where his first full Captain America adventure would take place.

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decide to make another captain America The film with Anthony Mackie as the star will only bring more comparisons between Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers. This will likely involve comparing how his first solo movies stack up against each other. Captain America: New World Order prepared to differ greatly from Captain America: The First AvengerBut it may bear some parallels in terms of Sam and Steve’s experience as they learn the ropes of being the Star Spangled Man.

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Sam Wilson Lost His Bucky Before He Became Captain America

in the death of bucky barnes Captain America: The First Avenger One of Steve Rogers’ early tragedies, but Sam Wilson has already experienced his own version of the event Captain America: New World Order, Before Sam becomes the new Captain America of the MCU, he loses his pararescue partner, Riley. He died during a mission in Afghanistan when Riley was hit by an RPG. Riley’s passing had a huge impact on Sam Wilson, as it was partly because of this loss that he began acting as a counselor to other veterans.

There may have been a lot of difference between Riley’s death and Bucky’s death, but the effect of the separate tragedies on Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers was similar. Bucky’s alleged death Captain America: The First Avenger Steve is left without his best friend because he saw him fall from the train and couldn’t save him. The sense of helplessness is similar to what Sam felt at the time of Riley’s death. The big difference is that Sam Wilson lost his ally/companion/best friend before he even became Captain America.

Sam’s past sets up a different Falcon connection to Captain America 4

Danny Ramirez as Joaquin Torres in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Riley’s death may have happened years ago in Sam Wilson’s life, but it could still affect his relationship with the MCU’s new Falcon. Captain America: New World Order, Joaquin Torres Receives Sam’s Old Falcon Suit falcon and winter soldier And finally Phase 5 will suit in the film. This will mark the first time that Sam will fly next to someone wearing the same type of EXO-7 Falcon suit that he has worn since Riley’s death. Captain America: New World OrderK’s new Falcon could mean Sam’s memories and any guilt associated with Riley’s death could return after Torres takes off.

Captain America and Falcon’s relationship could be very different from the one we saw with Steve and Sam. Joaquin becomes Sam’s ally once Captain America: New World Order, the new Captain America of the MCU may start pushing the new Falcon away. It’s understandable if Sam becomes concerned about losing another flying partner once Joaquin jumps into action. This may result in Sam initially pushing him and his help away, which is very different from the way Steve receives Sam. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, In that scenario, Captain America: New World Order Sam may find himself learning to accept the new falcon.

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