Armor Wars’ Secret Invasion Connection Teases Huge Stark Tech Twist

A Huge Stark Technology Twist Could Be Coming Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe armor war‘ connection to secret attack, Marvel Studios plans to continue expanding Iron Man’s use of the technology as the multiverse saga unfolds by giving Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes a long-awaited solo project. Originally conceived as a Disney+ series, armor war It has since been re-imagined as an MCU film. joins iron Heart and other projects such as upcoming MCU programming that maintains ties to Tony Stark’s technology even after the character dies. avengers: endgame,

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armor war It is confirmed to be one of several MCU films in development, but does not currently have a spot on the Phase 5 or Phase 6 release slates. Very little has been setup for the film, which is expected to revolve around the plot where Stark’s technology falls into the wrong hands. This will allow Rhodey to jump into action to help protect Iron Man’s legacy. Spider-Man: No Way Home Shows the government taking Stark’s belongings, presumed to be a piece of the setup for armor war, However, there’s a potentially huge MCU connection thanks to Horizon secret attack,

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Secret Invasion sets up Marvel’s Armor Wars movie

it is confirmed secret attack helps to install armor war movie. Don Cheadle will be returning to the MCU as James Rhodes aka War Machine in Nick Fury’s Disney+ series. It follows only a small role in MCU Phase 4 for Rhodey’s cameo falcon and winter soldier, extent of the war machine’s role in secret attack unknown, but confirmed that its story helps to establish armor war saying. A Bigger Connection Could Be Ahead, Depending On How Marvel Studios Changed armor war After working from a show to a film secret attack,

on the surface, joining secret attack And armor war It doesn’t seem obvious to Marvel. The first is a Disney+ series centered on an alien invasion and Nick Fury’s spy/espionage corner of the franchise. During this, armor war One comic is an adaptation of the incident where Tony Stark has to get his technology back as various villains start using it. There’s a possible government oversight link that could tie the two MCU projects together, but secret attack They should focus heavily on the Skrulls when they invade Earth. Based on the trailers, it’s because they’re after something valuable.

Secret Invasion’s Skrulls May Be After Stark Tech

armor warfare secret invasion connection stark tech

there is a chance secret attackstory is about Skrulls looking to take some Stark tech for themselves, setting armor war To possibly continue this story later. Marvel Studios has always taken liberties when it came to adapting comic storylines. captain america civil war, Avengers: Age of Ultronand were smaller than other comics. secret attack Will do it again by taking one of Marvel’s biggest events and slimming it down to focus on Nick Fury. Instead of the Skrulls infiltrating world governments to get revenge on Marvel’s Illuminati like in the comics, Tony Stark’s interest in technology could be their motivation.

If the Skrulls Want to Contain Stark Tech secret attackThis makes for a very natural link between Disney+ series and armor war, The show may reveal that some of the men involved with Rhodey are also Skrulls as they attempt to get close to someone who can help them gain access to the remaining Iron Man suits or other Stark inventions. The shape-shifting aliens could see Stark’s weapons as the key to a return to dominance in the galaxy and potentially overthrowing Earth.

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Secret Invasion Could Mean Armor Wars Is A Secret MCU Cosmic Movie

War Machine posing for the Endgame poster

This Could Mean a Possible Stark Tech Twist armor war There Could Be A Secret MCU Cosmic Movie Through It All secret attack Relation. Rhodey is going on a mission to fight the Skrulls and will need a cosmic mission to safely get back any stolen Stark technology. armor war War Machine may also recruit other cosmic MCU heroes or teams such as Captain Marvel as he seeks to stop the Skrulls from using the weapons for nefarious reasons.

armor war‘ connection to secret attack There might even be a way for the MCU to use scrapped ideas for War Machine avengers: endgame, The film was originally going to give Rhodey a Cosmic War Machine suit, with artist Phil Saunders considering what it would look like. While the suit was ultimately not used in the Phase 3 film, armor war Cosmic War Machine could bring back the idea of ​​armor so that it is properly equipped to fight Skrulls in space.

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