6 Upcoming MCU Movies & Shows Steve Rogers’ Captain America Could Return In

There are six upcoming MCU projects that could see the return of Steve Rogers aka captain America, Chris Evans debuted as Steve Rogers in 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger, a young soldier who became Captain America after being selected for Dr. Abraham Erskine’s super-soldier program, which granted him superhuman abilities. In the current MCU, Rogers had a successful career as an original member of the Avengers, and while his story was neatly wrapped up avengers: endgamewhich featured Rogers passing the shield to Sam Wilson, rumors have been circulating about Evans’ return to the MCU in the multiverse saga.

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At the end of avengers: endgame, Steve Rogers sets out to return the Infinity Stones to their original timeline, but then decides to retire to the past and live a peaceful life with Peggy Carter. Returning to the present as an older man, Rogers encourages Sam Wilson to become Captain America, and has not been seen in the MCU since, though it is possible that this version of Rogers is still alive. The Multiverse Saga introduced the idea of ​​variants to the MCU, versions of individuals from other realities, which could mean several fallen heroes could return in future projects, creating the perfect opportunity for Chris Evans’ triumphant return. Can

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secret attack

Marvel Studios’ secret attack Set to debut on Disney+ in 2023, brings Nick Fury back to Earth to investigate a group of shape-shifting Skrulls who have been infiltrating Earth for years. It is prime territory for many MCU characters to cameo, especially since secret attack Labeled as a crossover series. Skrulls can take the form of anyone in the DNA, meaning several existing characters could return in disguise as Skrulls, adding to the paranoia themes of the upcoming series. This could open the door for Chris Evans’ return to the MCU, although his possible appearance as a Skrull secret attack Will probably be brief.

secret attack has also been revealed to have been set (at least partially) during a five-year blip that occurred in avengers: endgame, It was a monumental moment in Earth’s history that needs to be explored further, but also important for Chris Evans’ potential MCU return as Steve Rogers survived Thanos’ snap and was still an active hero during the blip. It’s possible that, upon his return to Earth, Nick Fury could contact former Avengers and become caught up in the events avengers: infinity war, This Means A Younger Version Of Steve Rogers Could Be Coming Out secret attackStill reeling from the Avengers’ tragic defeat to Thanos.

Captain America: New World Order

Sam Wilson as Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Perhaps the most concrete project that Steve Rogers could appear in will be Phase 5. Captain America: New World Order, the big screen debut of Sam Wilson as the MCU’s new Captain America. whether new World Order Set within the MCU’s multiverse saga, it’s unlikely the upcoming film will see too many variants, as Sam Wilson’s Captain America is a much more grounded hero, though, assuming he’s still alive. after his appearance at the end of avengers: endgame, Captain America: New World Order Would be the perfect place for an older version of Steve Rogers to show his face.

If the original Captain America is still alive in the MCU, Sam Wilson will learn about it, and potentially receive guidance from the former Captain America on how to be the optimal hero. A moment like this would be like meeting an old Peggy Carter during Rogers Captain America: The Winter SoldierWilson, with Rogers perhaps acting as the voice of reason should find himself in a tough spot. There would be no better person than his Captain America predecessor for Wilson to turn to for help, and it could also help explain Rogers’ current whereabouts in the MCU, since he hasn’t been seen since. avengers: endgame,

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by lightning

The first Thunderbolts lineup in the MCU

Whereas Captain America: New World Order can see Sam Wilson seeking guidance from his former Captain America, by lightning Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers’ childhood friend and super-soldier colleague. Bucky will lead the Thunderbolts for their inaugural mission, even though Valentina Allegra de Fontaine is the mastermind behind the team so she can track down an older version of Rogers to learn how to be an effective leader. The friendship between Bucky and Rogers has been at the peak of their MCU stories, so it’ll be great to continue by lightning,

Steve Rogers was able to rise out of the chaos as leader of the original Avengers team, and the Thunderbolts seem just as misfit as the MCU’s premiere superhero group. This means that the older and wiser Rogers could be the perfect sounding board for Bucky Barnes’ journey to becoming a leader. No one really knows Bucky and understands his pain and trauma as well as Rogers, so while Bucky may be seeking help from the MCU’s new Captain America, it’s more likely that he’ll be drawn to his old friend. Will happen. Chris Evans may also appear in flashback scenes, potentially filling in gaps in Bucky’s MCU backstory. by lightning,

deadpool 3

Deadpool in the MCU in Deadpool 3

Whereas deadpool 3 In what might seem like the most unlikely place for Chris Evans to reprise his MCU role, the fact that the upcoming mutant adventure will explore the multiverse could open the door for several MCU cameos. currently, deadpool 3 is the only project confirmed to bring the character to Fox permanently. X Men franchise in the MCU, so there will need to be extra effort to cement the character within the existing franchise. The best way to do that would be to bring back several iconic MCU characters, bring them face-to-face with Merc-with-a-Mouth, and let the jokes flow.

There’s no doubt that Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson will be making constant jokes about the MCU. deadpool 3, especially now that any previous MCU story is free to feature the charismatic mutant. in search of the multiverse deadpool 3 This means versions of legendary MCU characters could appear, which means another reality version of Steve Rogers could be introduced. It’s also possible that Deadpool could be paying a visit to the old Steve Rogers currently living in the background of the MCU, perhaps sharing horror stories about what they’ve been up to in their realities, which will be the case with Evans in the Phase 6 film. Would be a fun cameo.

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avengers: kong dynasty

Steve Rogers aka Captain America with Mjolnir

avengers: kong dynasty destined to be the first the avengers since the movie endgame At the end of the Infinity Saga, that means there are high hopes for the Phase 6 project. is supposed to Kang Dynasty will introduce viewers to the MCU’s New Avengers for the first time, coming together to fight a variety of variants of Kang the Conqueror, paying off many of the warnings in previous projects such as bottle gourd And Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania, This could be a great place to bring Chris Evans back to the MCU as Steve Rogers, perhaps as a multiversal Captain America, arriving in the 616-universe to join the fight against Kang.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania Kang the Conqueror went about defeating multiple versions of the Avengers across the multiverse, meaning that somewhere there will be versions of Captain America that have potentially survived Kang’s attacks. This will potentially bring out a more stern and serious version of Steve Rogers avengers: kong dynasty, someone faced years of turmoil at the hands of Kang the Conqueror. A figure of this nature could be key to the formation of the MCU’s New Avengers team, giving them the right motivation to come together, just like the original Avengers needed. the Avengers,

avengers: secret wars

Captain America with a beard in Avengers Endgame

As the film was expected to conclude the multiverse saga, avengers: secret wars Rumored to include several superheroes returning from the MCU and other Marvel franchises including Fox outside the MCU X Men And Fantastic Four Franchisee, Sony Spider Man franchise, and potentially even a series from Marvel Television. It’s fertile ground for a slew of long-gone MCU characters to return, with the two primary candidates being Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers. secret war would present the perfect opportunity to finally conclude the stories of these iconic MCU heroes.

In Marvel Comics, secret war The event sees characters from several different realities being brought together on Battleworld after a disastrous intrusion, and the MCU going in a similar direction after a similar intrusion. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness And Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania, This means that some of the most beloved MCU characters could appear in multiversal variants avengers: secret wars alongside Marvel Studios’ current roster of heroes. Steve Rogers’ Captain America’s A return to the MCU is highly anticipated and practically inevitable, it’s just a question of when.

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