5 Ways Chris Evans Can Return In Captain America: New World Order

Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson is the new lead Captain America: New World Order, But here’s how Chris Evans could make a comeback. events of avengers: endgame And falcon and winter soldier A new Marvel Cinematic Universe future set up for the Captain America mantle. Steve Rogers passed the title and shield to Sam Wilson after falling out with Peggy Carter in the multiverse. Captain America: New World Order Will pick up after the events of Sam’s Disney+ show, where he learned to accept the responsibility that comes with being Captain America and following in Steve’s footsteps.

The former MCU star has been nothing but supportive of the idea that Anthony Mackie is becoming Captain America, so Evans and Marvel Studios could opt to leave Steve Rogers out of the film to avoid potentially overshadowing Sam. As of now there is no sign of his return captain america 4, but that hasn’t deterred Chris Evans’ interest in seeing Captain America again. There are several possible ways to interpret an appearance by Steve Rogers in the Marvel Phase 5 movie. Here are some options for how Chris Evans could make a comeback captain america 4 as Steve Rogers.

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5 Chris Evans may return as the old Steve in Captain America 4

chris evans returns Captain America: New World Order More scenes as old Steve Rogers could come through. avengers: endgame made the surprising decision to dramatically age Steve Rogers after returning the Infinity Stones and reuniting with Peggy Carter. The appearance of the old Steve effectively explained why Chris Evans would not be continuing to play Captain America, but it also left the door open for a possible return. captain america 4 Sam could have seen old Steve back to help give Wilson some advice and guidance or just shown the two friends catching up.

if this is how chris evans returns captain america 4Phase 5 will provide a definitive answer to his fate. There Are So Many Questions About What Happened After Steve Rogers’ Death avengers: endgame, Marvel also released the theory falcon and winter soldier That Steve went to the moon. The appearance of old Steve would at least confirm that the MCU didn’t kill Chris Evans’ superhero off-screen. Marvel could have even saved the moment when Steve Rogers died Captain America: New World OrderWhich will certainly bring the character’s story to a close as Sam takes his place.

4 Steve Rogers May Be Secretly Rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D. in the New World Order

captain america avengers infinity war nick fury

Another option for how captain america 4 Chris Evans may be brought back by revealing that Steve Rogers has begun rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D. The Important Government Organization Never Run By Nick Fury Hasn’t Been Part Of The MCU Because It Was Towed Down Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Even though Steve is an older man and not an active superhero, his desire to protect the world and his inability to turn away from helping may lead him to decide that the SHIELD is needed again. With Nick Fury headed into space, Steve Rogers could take it upon himself to rebuild the organization with people he knows he can trust.

Steve Rogers is leading SHIELD Captain America: New World Order It would be an opportunity for the MCU to mirror the comics. He’s previously been the director of SHIELD and will be a chance for Marvel Studios and Chris Evans to find a way to work together. Evans’ MCU return could follow a similar plan to how the franchise has used Samuel L. Jackson, allowing him to appear in multiple projects for smaller roles without needing to headline a movie. It’s the most natural way for Steve Rogers to still play a role in the franchise and bring S.H.I.E.L.D.

3 Chris Evans may return for Captain America flashback scene

flashback is the easiest way to explain how chris evans Captain America: New World Order Returns happen. Steve Rogers was a big part of Sam Wilson’s life in the years before he became Captain America. The franchise has featured plenty of adventures involving them, but even more that aren’t included in the MCU movies. since captain america 4The villain of The Leader has strong ties to the MCU’s past, Chris Evans may appear for a flashback that shows Steve and Sam were on their trail long before the events of Phase 5.

captain america flashback scenes Captain America: New World Order Can also be used to find Steve and Sam’s time together between runs at the end captain america civil war And avengers: infinity war, He teamed up with Black Widow and Scarlet Witch as part of the Secret Avengers. A flashback featuring the team would be a way to showcase not only Chris Evans captain america 4 But also potentially Scarlett Johansson and Elizabeth Olsen.

2 Captain America 4 Could Join Multiverse Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and Peggy Carter

since Captain America: New World Order As part of the Multiverse Saga, the possibility of using Multiverse Steve Rogers to bring back Chris Evans is worth considering. there is no hope captain america 4The story of this time will be connected to the multiverse. However, the MCU may deliver a surprise avengers: kong dynasty Approach It is possible that the Earth-616 could appear in the Multiverse Steve Rogers film as an opportunity to warn the Avengers about the infiltration and rise of the Council of Kangas.

This would be an opportunity for Evans to play a new version of Captain America and keep the main MCU Steve Rogers storyline intact. He can play anything from a nomadic version of Steve Rogers to a Hydra-aligned Steve known as Hydra Supreme. Not only that it would be a way for Marvel Studios to include Chris Evans captain america 4, but it could also help audiences get comfortable with the idea of ​​variants of the original Avengers starting to pop up. Could set up a multiverse version of the team that appears in avengers: kong dynasty Or avengers: secret wars,

1 Chris Evans May Appear as a Different Multiverse Character

Chris Evans as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

There is also a possibility that Chris Evans will return captain america 4 as a separate multiverse character. The MCU Multiverse rules allowing variants to look different or show how someone’s life could have been very different. If Chris Evans wants to return to Marvel but doesn’t want to mess with Steve Rogers’ story in any way, he could choose to return through the multiverse as a different character entirely. In this, Evans may get another chance to play Johnny Storm aka Human Torch.

Before playing Captain America in the MCU, one of Evans’ biggest roles was playing the Human Torch in the two Fantastic Four Movies for Fox. Although the films did not earn high praise, the casting decisions involving Evans as the Human Torch are seen as a strength. Chris Evans expresses interest in playing Human Torch again in 2022 interview ew, noting that he’d rather take another shot at that character than play Steve again. a multifarious human torch is visible Captain America: New World Order An unexpected way would be to bring back Chris Evans.

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