5 MCU Series That Can Finally Explore The Blip

many upcoming or potential shows in mcu Can finally find out what happened during the blip. After Thanos took half the population of the universe with him avengers: infinity warAll hope seemed lost for the heroes of the MCU as the world was plunged into five years of darkness before the arrival of the Hulk. avengers: endgame Snap brought everyone back. “The Blip” was a landmark moment in the MCU, but since the start of the multiverse saga, the world-changing event has been barely mentioned, leading many to call for a Blip-set series in the MCU , who can find out what really happened during the down avengers: endgame Five missing years.

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While Phase 4 projects like wandavision, falcon and winter soldier, eternalAnd Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness dealt with the after-effects of the MCU’s blip in a variety of ways, with Marvel Studios avoiding the details of what actually happened during those five years. avengers: endgame Viewers were given little information about the blip, but the scale of the devastation was practically ignored. The Blip was such a huge moment in history, so it’s odd that Marvel Studios has chosen to quietly move on from it, but there are five upcoming or theoretical projects that would be perfect to tell the Blip’s story.

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secret attack

secret attack The development was officially announced at Disney’s 2020 Investor Day presentation, which was set to focus on Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige later revealed May 2022 secret attack Will be set during the blip, rather than running concurrently to the current timeline of the MCU. This will give viewers their best glimpse yet at life during the Blip, as no previous MCU project has been set entirely during this period, and it’s still unclear whether secret attack Totally will happen during the blip as well.

since secret attack As Earth prepares to deal with a covert Skrull invasion, it’s unknown how much attention will be paid to actually exploring the world during the blip. secret attack This will mark the first time that viewers get a proper look at life after Thanos’ snap, which is made even more exciting thanks to the series’ scheduled 2023 release date. However, it could also cause significant problems for the wider MCU, as Thanos’ attack eliminated Nick Fury and Maria Hill, so Marvel Studios needs to explain how they can show up during the blip, Perhaps by revealing them to be Skrulls.

Daredevil: Born Again

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock aka Daredevil in the poster for She-Hulk Attorney at Law

Charlie Cox reprises his role as Netflix’s Matt Murdock aka Daredevil Daring in series Spider-Man: No Way Homebefore coming forward She-Hulk: Attorney at Law ahead of future adventures echo and his first solo MCU series, Daredevil: Born Again, With an 18-episode run, Daredevil: Born Again It’s the perfect opportunity to find out what life was like during the Blip, though it hasn’t been confirmed by Marvel Studios yet. The general assumption is that Matt Murdock fell victim to Thanos’ photo, which would have created a void in New York’s vigilante scene, causing the crime to escalate over a period of five years.

Returning alongside Cox is Vincent D’Onofrio, who played Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin Daringand later in the MCU Hawkeye, Daredevil: Born Again This could explain Fisk’s rise to power in the MCU, as five years without Daredevil thwarting his plans would give him the best opportunities to become a crime boss supervillain. The kingpin’s exploits during the blip must be traced Daredevil: Born AgainAnd Blip’s influence on Daredevil may also be shown, though it’s likely to be in a flashback capacity. Rebirth ready to take after the events of Spider Man: no way home And she hulkIn the current MCU timeline.

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Marvel Comics Marvels Cover-1

In Marvel Comics, Miracle was a four-issue run published in 1994 that detailed the actions of Marvel’s superheroes from the point of view of the Everyman character, news photographer Phil Sheldon. The Grounded series was a departure for Marvel Comics, as readers could experience some of the iconic adventures from a more relatable perspective, following Sheldon’s life between 1939 and 1974. Although no mention has been made of it. Miracle Being adapted for the MCU, this would be a great comic series to translate into live-action to explore the effects of Thanos’ Snap and the subsequent return of the population from the perspective of a regular human.

Although Miracle spawned several sequels and spinoffs, including Too Dark Ruins In 1995, the original series saw Sheldon reacting to the rise of such heroes as Namor, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and Spider-Man. The heroes’ battles with potentially world-ending threats like Galactus are also put front and center, though the stories are always told from Sheldon’s point of view, as he tries to keep his family safe in a very dangerous world. Is. a series like Miracle The blip in the MCU would be a great way to show the real-world effects of life, as the event affected not only the heroes of the MCU, but everyday people as well.

front line

marvel comics front line civil war cover

like MiracleMarvel Comics’ front line The series would be a great way to explore the impact of Thanos’ photo on the world, though. front line The stories are told from the perspective of news reporters embedded within the ranks of Marvel’s superheroes. front line Started with Marvel in 2006 civil war event, with reporter Ben Urich accompanying the pro-Registration heroes to Iron Man’s camp, and Sally Floyd staying with Captain America. The first series ends with Urich and Floyd starting their own news outlet named Front Line, which leads them to investigate further adventures with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes between 2006 and 2010.

front lines Later released with Marvel Comics’ world war hulk, secret attackAnd siege storyline, with Urich and Floyd reporting for the first time on the heroes’ adventures. This would be great to see in the MCU, especially with regards to Blip, as the story of avengers: infinity war And avengers: endgame be told from an entirely new perspective, while Urich and Floyd deal with the effects of Thanos’ photo on their personal lives as well. Urich was previously portrayed by Vondie Curtis-Hall on Netflix. Daring series, so there is precedence for his character’s return to the MCU despite his death. Daring session 1.

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hockey season 2

Clint Barton as Ronin in Avengers Endgame

Phase 4 of the MCU sees the introduction of Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop Hawkeye, a young archer who gets wrapped up in the heroic world of Clint Barton after accidentally donning the robes of a ronin. Barton’s journey to become Ronin during the Blip is one of the saddest plotlines in the MCU avengers: endgame opened with him losing his entire family to Thanos’ picture, though his activities as Ronin haven’t really been fleshed out much. It is known that Barton traveled around the world to take down criminal organizations that he felt did not deserve to be spared in snaps, which included targeting the tracksuit mafia.

Although Hawkeye Season 2 hasn’t been announced, so if it goes into development, it would be great to see more of Barton’s life during the blip, and perhaps strengthen her relationship with Wilson Fisk. It’s more likely that Hawkeye and Kate Bishop’s stories will continue on the big screen avengers: kong dynasty Writer Jeff Loveness has practically confirmed Clint Barton’s involvement in the Phase 6 film, assuming Jeremy Renner has fully recovered from a recent accident. Still, there’s a lot about Barton’s past as Ronin that viewers are curious about, so basing some moments during the blip would be great for his character development.

Is it too late for the MCU to detect the blip?

Steve Rogers aka Captain America Support Group in Avengers Endgame

it’s been about four years avengers: endgame release, providing audiences with their first glimpse at a world ravaged by Thanos, meaning Marvel Studios may have already missed the boat when it comes to the search for life of endgame Time-jump of five years. The best place for these types of stories would have been during Phase 4 of the MCU, but much of this first volume of the multiverse saga was spent introducing new heroes and later catching up with established heroes. avengers: endgame, kicking off with step 5 Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantummaniaIt’s possible that Blip may not get much attention in future MCU projects.

Nevertheless, there’s still audience demand for a blip-set series or movie in the MCU, which probably won’t abate since those five years of mystery. Exploring the real-world implications of an event as massive as Thanos’ snap, or Hulk’s snap for that matter, is a goldmine for Marvel Studios that has yet to be tapped. series’ like Miracle And front line could show what regular people were doing, while Daredevil: Born Again And Hawkeye Season 2 may explore the lives of superheroes. least secret attack Will finally answer some questions about what life was like during the blip mcu Exactly as it was.

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