5 Hulk Stories The MCU Still Needs To Finish

Even Though The Green Goliath Has Been In The MCU Since 2008, Marvel Has Six big ship Stories need a proper conclusion. Naturally, many of them are related the incredible Hulk, which never spawned a sequel. Due to rights issues with Universal, Marvel Studios was unable to make a true Hulk film, thus forcing the studio to use the character in crossovers and films featuring other heroes.

An inevitable consequence of not being Marvel The Incredible Hulk 2 It’s that most of its setup for the future has been largely overlooked. Fortunately, the increase in MCU content over the years has given Marvel more opportunities to continue certain elements of its story. by bringing back characters like the Abomination Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings And She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Marvel has the chance to revisit Hulk’s past, while also creating new teases for the MCU going forward in the movies and shows. Combining their new additions with what was already in the Hulk’s story, Marvel has a handful of loose ends that need to be tied up at some point in Hulk’s MCU future.

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5 What happened to Betty Ross?

Despite having a rather strong relationship Two Liv Tyler’s Betty Ross, a major MCU character, never made another live-action appearance. what has she been doing since the incredible Hulk Till date unknown. From the looks of things, she’s no longer a part of Bruce Banner’s life in any way, but with her being the character’s main comic love interest, it makes sense for their paths to cross again. Their relationship was portrayed as a forbidden romance doomed to fail forever. the incredible HulkBut considering how much has happened since then, it’s worth wondering where they stand now.

Betty’s situation is also relevant to the MCU where Banner is not concerned. After all, she is the daughter of a major recurring character in General Thunderbolt Ross, who has since appeared in several films. the incredible Hulk. with Ross, now played by Harrison Ford, returning Captain America: New World Order, Marvel may finally be ready to catch up on Tyler’s character. An appearance of hers would be warranted, especially if there is any truth to the rumors of her father’s Red Hulk transformation. Betty certainly has an interesting reaction to seeing another important person in her life turn into the Hulk.

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4 Samuel Stearns’ transition to leader

Samuel Stern aka The Leader in The Incredible Hulk

It’s taken over a decade, but one of the Hulk’s abandoned storylines is finally getting his due Captain America: New World Order, Sam Wilson’s first big screen adventure as Liberty’s next Sentinel will see him go up against Samuel Stern. years after starring in the incredible Hulk, Tim Blake Nelson will reprise the role captain america 4This time around, Leader is playing a proper version of the villain with Hulk’s archenemy and genius-level intellect.

The scene of Stern’s brain bulging after being hit by gamma radiation set the stage for Stern becoming the leader of the MCU and fighting the Hulk, but this tease was not followed up in any subsequent appearances of the Hulk. captain america 4 is set to rectify the Leader’s absence, thus allowing Marvel to show a side of the character that has never been seen in the MCU before. Whether or not he’ll seek a confrontation with Banner or Hulk, however, is unclear at the moment, but certainly an encounter worth exploring in the future.

3 Doctor Samson never became an MCU superhero

Doctor Samson rallies for battle.

Similar to the situation with Samuel Stearns, Leonard Samson was introduced the incredible Hulk And didn’t see it again. But unlike Stern, Leonard still doesn’t have a definite future in the MCU. Given that Doc Samson has a reputation as a superhero in Marvel Comics, his introduction created the impression that Marvel had room to take his character. the incredible Hulk, As someone powerful enough to physically challenge the Hulk in the comic books, his inclusion was a great addition to the film, but his film debut has yet to pay off. Marvel lets him be nothing more than Betty Ross’ psycho boyfriend. if marvel could make The Incredible Hulk 2Leonard could return to follow in his comic counterpart’s footsteps.

2 Scar’s surprise visit to Earth

Skaar appears in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

She-Hulk creates her own Hulk mystery by bringing her son Skaar to Earth. Apparently, the character was conceived off-world between the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron And Thor: Ragnarok, But exactly why he was there, and what else the Hulk was doing offscreen, are questions Marvel deliberately avoided answering. she hulk, But from the looks of things, this is a Hulk story Marvel intends to continue, although when Marvel plans to offer a further development remains to be seen. This diversion turned out to be the setup for a planet hulk or a world war hulk adaptation, but it’s hard to say whether Marvel is moving forward with the story, as there’s no clear place for the two in Marvel’s multiverse saga slate.

1 return of the original hulk

hulk age of ultron

avengers: endgame Smart considered the Hulk twist as an amicable solution to the Hulk-Banner dilemma, but in reality, it can only be seen as a satisfactory answer for one of these characters. Essentially, Banner suppressed Hulk’s personality and took permanent ownership of their shared bodies. By taking this course, Banner inadvertently created a huge problem just waiting to happen on the MCU. As long as Mark Ruffalo is in the MCU, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before the original Hulk gets a chance to resurface. Marvel has never explained what Hulk thinks of their situation, but it would make sense for him to agree to let Banner be in the driver’s seat for years.

With that in mind, the return of the original Hulk should be an explosive affair for the MCU, whenever it happens. This could also be the basis of the long-rumored MCU world war hulk project, which will likely draw from the story that pitted a vengeful Hulk against many of his former allies in the Marvel Universe. Depending on how it is handled, it may also be used to simultaneously address some of its other unresolved issues. big ship Storylines, possibly by bringing Betty Ross or Leonard Samson back into the picture.

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