10 Classic Spider-Man Team-Ups We Still Want To See In The MCU

The MCU may feature some classics Spider Man team-ups in the future, and thankfully there are a number of great options for him to play with. The web-slinging hero’s future in the MCU has been in question ever since due to ongoing contract negotiations with Sony and his own interests in developing his own movie franchise. Still, it seems safe to say that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is here to stay in the MCU and his next trilogy is in development in some form or another. there is a chance spider man 4 An as yet unannounced Phase 6 may be part of the slate.

Spider-Man: No Way HomeThe shocking conclusion erased Peter Parker from the universe’s collective memory, so the MCU could certainly change pace and introduce all kinds of new characters for Spider-Man to work with. However, Sony’s plans for its own franchises – Sony’s Spider-Man Universe which currently lacks Spider-Man – including madam webStarring Sidney Sweeney as Spider-Woman could screw up specific characters’ prospects. Still, it’s best not to repeat the same formula, even if Zendaya’s MJ and Jacob Batalon’s Ned are intrinsically synonymous with the MCU’s Spider-Man. His time will surely come again, but for now, others deserve the chance to team up with Spider-Man.

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7 spider-men are in high demand

The most obvious and desired team-up is between Spider-Man and his greatest protégé, Spider-Man. Marvel fans have long wished for Miles Morales and other Spider-Family members to join the MCU, and given the context of the franchise and Spider-Man’s current state, the time should certainly come. Specifically, as in the comics, avengers: secret wars May include Miles Morales in the MCU. it’s all about Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 first set up the MCU future of Miles Morales. Showcasing these two Spider-Men together is just what the franchise needs to usher in the next saga of the hero’s stories.

Peter and Myles’ friendship is perfect for a whole new trilogy to explore, and it could help the MCU transition between the two if Holland chooses to leave the role later. spider man 6, Using both Spider-Man, and any other member of the Spider-Family that Sony would allow Marvel to use, would help the MCU regain its spark of power. Spider-Man: No Way Home In a bottle, but under more engaging and evocative contexts. Besides, it won’t be complicated Spider Man brand and rather let them focus on that more succinctly. Hopefully, the concerns that Sony won’t drop Miles are unwarranted so the MCU can finally make good on its tease.

6 They’ve Already Established Spider-Man And Daredevil

Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Charlie Cox as Daredevil in the MCU

Luckily, the MCU already has the opportunity to showcase one of Spider-Man’s best team-ups ever. charlie cox is back Daredevil: Born Againwho has reportedly started filming after returning for the first time as Matt Murdock Spider-Man: No Way Home and dressed as daredevil She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, This would be an easy team-up to focus on spider man 4But it is naturally expected that they will collaborate in some form or the other as part of the upcoming the avengers movies. Either way, it’s a mutually beneficial partnership. Spider-Man could connect with a different type of hero, and Daredevil could become even more integrated and important to the MCU as a whole.

They have an extensive history in the comics, so the MCU has a lot to explore in their partnership and dynamic. Worth mentioning that now that the world has forgotten about Peter Parker, they can investigate how he operates with a secret identity and what sets him apart from other Marvel heroes. That element is again important and the inclusion of Daredevil, who can still easily discover Spider-Man’s identity, allows them to focus on this and focus differently on their roles as street-level heroes. Focusing will help. thankfully, whether it’s a major team-up spider man 4 or something small inside avengers: secret warsIt seems like a safe bet to expect exciting things from Spider-Man and Daredevil together.

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5 Spider-Man and the Human Torch went from rivals to great friends

spider man human torch friends

One of Spider-Man’s greatest allies is coming to the MCU soon, and their relationship dates back to Spider-Man’s early days in the comics. He first met Johnny Storm aka Human Torch in 1963 the amazing Spider Man #1 that also launched the flagship series of Heroes. Initially, like many Marvel characters, the Human Torch was not a fan of Spider-Man. However, Mirchi’s reception gradually melted as they collaborated more and more, and a deep and long-lasting friendship was born. Their connection is one of the most important and oldest in Marvel comic history and thus, the MCU should see them teaming up.

Viewers can certainly anticipate Spider-Man and the Human Torch’s relationship, but this saga together Fantastic Four Introducing Johnny and the rest of Marvel’s First Family in Episode 6. With Daredevil, it would be surprising, and in this context, if there was no interaction between the two heroes. avengers: kong dynasty Or avengers: secret wars, even if it teases something much bigger down the line. Beneficially, this relationship has such long legs and potential that it can and should be developed over multiple films, while others are best suited for a single project.

4 Spider-Man 4 Is Perfect For Firestorm And Iceman

Spider-Man, Iceman and Firestar crop up in The Origin of Iceman Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends

The Spider-Man-Human Torch friendship is even more interesting than Spider-Man’s classic team-up. In the original animated series, spider man and his amazing friends, he is joined by the X-Men’s Iceman and Firestar, who was an original creation and representative for the Human Torch. Amazingly, one theory suggests that Spider-Man: HomecomingKey’s Liz Toomes could become Firestar, which would not only add an interesting dynamic to their friendship but also help the protagonist’s MCU chances. Despite the possibility that Spider-Man will team up with the Human Torch, he should also team up with Firestar and Iceman.

Introducing both Iceman and Firestar is now fairly easy. As an original X-Man and one of the world’s strongest mutants, Iceman deserves better treatment in the MCU than in previous movies and films. He should be part of the first generation of X-Men of the MCU. Meanwhile, Firearms could come into play as part of the bus. spider man 4, joining the ranks of the MCU’s growing mutant population. Featuring both heroes would be a natural progression of Spider-Man’s heroic arc that not only honors important Marvel history but also helps propel them both forward. X Men And the MCU as a whole.

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3 The black cat could easily link up with Spider-Man

A collaged image of Tom Holland's Spider-Man and an illustration of the Black Cat.

In particular, the loss of MJ provides a great opportunity for the MCU to explore some of Peter’s other romantic partners – though hopefully there will be a return to form down the line. Of course, this would be great news for someone like Gwen Stacy, but Sony may be interested in her for their own projects. Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat is actually the better choice as her partnership with Spider-Man unlocks an entirely new type of story for the web-slinging. Black Cat is a notorious thief, so their relationship largely revolves around Spider-Man trying to turn him into a hero and resisting him.

sony had a plan a Black Cat Some time ago the film and even a TV show with Silver Sable, but reportedly nothing has progressed. Meanwhile, the MCU is actually already primed and ready for that. By exploring the relationship between Spider-Man and the Black Cat, Peter may confront his own feelings, desires, and especially his future with MJ. After which, as in the comics, the Black Cat could become a recurring anti-hero, whose return would add intriguing and natural complications to Peter and MJ’s relationship.

2 Spider-Man and Deadpool Are Sleeping Together


In most partnerships, Spider-Man is annoying. He is agile and clever, especially compared to the likes of Daredevil or Wolverine. However, in his team-up with Deadpool, Spider-Man has matured. Together deadpool 3 In Phase 6, Deadpool is finally joining the MCU and so this partnership is probably on Kevin Feige’s mind if not for the comic test of heroism, then just for the box office potential. Spider-Man and Deadpool is an MCU crossover just waiting to happen.

Their bromance, which is somewhat one-sided at times, could definitely be an important part of an entire movie, or like the others, something that could happen in upcoming crossover movies. Specifically, Spider-Man could really help integrate Deadpool into the MCU. he may have an unexpectedly hard time after jumping deadpool 3 and then probably immediately return to the crowd the avengers movies. The same can be said for Spider-Man and Wolverine, another classic team-up, but given Wolverine’s strangely ambiguous status after the multiverse saga, Deadpool is more likely to be the whole.

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1 Will Spider-Man ever return to the MCU after J.J. Could Jonah be working with Jameson?

Spider-Man Far From Home J Jonah Jameson JK Simmons Post-Credits

One of Spider-Man’s most important partnerships in the MCU may be in a weird spot. While he has been extremely estranged about their history together, ultimately J.J. Jonah Jameson eventually became an avid ally of Spider-Man. JK Simmons Teases Jameson’s Future In The MCU, But It’s Hard To Believe After His Actions Spider-Man: No Way Home that they may ever work together. In fact, the MCU hasn’t established any possibility that Peter could be at work daily Bugle Because it is an integral part of their relationship. Still, this might actually be the perfect situation for Spider-Man-J. The Jonah Jameson Partnership for Excellence.

if he keeps coming in Spider Man In the movies, the MCU can show how they progress from enemies to wary allies to trusted allies. That journey will be fascinating in many of the movies, especially in the wake of Peter losing Aunt May, MJ, Ned, and even Happy. Besides, it would mean more JK Simmons and that’s just a recipe for good entertainment. It’s a team-up unlike any other, and thus it will help differentiate this trilogy from the last as it truly centers on Spider Man and his own legacy.

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