1 Surprising Black Panther Stat Highlights A Major MCU Failure

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – and its prequel black Panther – A typical Marvel failure has been exposed through a surprising figure regarding the Wakanda-centric aspect of the MCU. Releases from 2016 and onwards captain america civil warThe character of Black Panther and the world of Wakanda have been an intrinsic part of the overarching story of the MCU. Aside from Wakanda’s significance to the wider universe, though, black Panther The films have highlighted specific problems with the other heroes of the MCU.

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One of these problems with specific superheroes has been a recurring criticism of Marvel movies in general. While one of the biggest criticisms of the MCU has been regarding the studio’s over-reliance on CGI, from sets and characters that make the world feel less enjoyable to full CGI fight scenes in some cases, another problem with the MCU’s CGI is sometimes deserves less attention. , Although black Panther The movies prove that there’s still hope for getting the MCU right.

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Black Panther’s Oscar Success Proves The MCU Makes Much Use Of CGI Costumes

facts in question surrounding black Panther The point of the movies is that they are the only two in the entire MCU to have received Academy Award nominations for Best Costume Design, winning both times. This proves that the general complaint about Marvel’s CGI costumes goes back a lot further than previously realized. While CGI, nanotech-based costumes were first introduced for Iron Man and even Black Panther, it made sense given the technology-based aspects of both characters.

However, in recent years more Marvel films have shown a tendency to use CGI costumes – such as Captain Marvel in Endgame – which take away any sense of realism from the film. Some of the biggest “event”-like moments in superhero movies prior to the introduction of CGI costumes were the “suit-up” scenes, whether it was the epic, momentous occasion of Iron Man wearing his suit. iron Man And iron Man 2 or the avengers preparing for battle in both the Avengers And Avengers: Age of Ultron, From these moments the switch to less impressive, few-second-long sequences of superhero suits covering the bodies of the heroes has lost all the magic of the superhero costume.

a complaint was received avengers: endgame, In which the time travel suits were full CGI. Similarly, Spider-Man’s reliance on the Iron Spider suit was also subject to criticism for the same reason. more recently, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania has come under scrutiny for its namesake characters employing this technique. While a seemingly small detail, it’s worth exploring. black Panther The franchise’s commitment to practical, physical costumes that more closely align with the world, characters and culture of Wakanda earned Oscar recognition.

Why Is The MCU So Dependent On CGI Costumes (And Can It Fix It?)

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This begs the question of why the MCU is so heavily reliant on CGI costumes. While undoubtedly easier for actors on sets where mocap suits with specific practical elements are used to blend reality and fiction, the use of CGI suits only creates a workload on already overworked CGI artists that much more. Gets heavy. Also, films like CGI suits are quick in terms of shooting schedules. antman 3 And Avengers: Endgame. According to wired, Marvel Studios visual effects producer Jen Underdahl said the suits were full CGI in endgame Due to the tight shooting schedule of the film.

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The question of whether or not Marvel can fix this issue is an interesting one, and it’s certainly possible. Since the return of Bob Iger as Disney CEO, rumors surrounding Marvel Studios have once again pointed to the studio striving for quality over quantity, with each project requiring more filming and post-production. 200 days has been given to fix the many issues plaguing Phase 4. , the MCU can go back to more practical elements, hopefully taking a page out of The Crew’s book black Panther And Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverNamely multiple Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter.

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