1 Kang Variant Supports A Major Doctor Strange 2 Villain Theory

One Kang variant supports a major theory about Scarlet Witch’s role Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Despite Kang not making a surprise cameo doctor strange 2There was speculation that the villain was secretly pulling Wanda’s strings. However, there was no evidence of Kang’s involvement in the film.

That said, it’s too early to rule out the possibility of Kang being hidden in the story in any way. After all, it makes sense for the multiverse saga’s pervasive villain to have fingers in multiple pies. Kang, or more accurately, hundreds of Kangs, is indeed planning something big for the future of the MCU. introduced in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania Mid-credits scene, the Council of Congress is positioned to serve as the villains. avengers: kong dynasty, Exactly what they are doing is unclear, but one member in particular supports the theory that the Scarlet Witch was being manipulated. Doctor Strange 2. Which is why Immortus must have always been the original villain of the film.

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Immortus’ Scarlet Witch Plan in Marvel Comics Explained

Immortus played a heavy role in the hardships Scarlet Witch experienced in Marvel Comics. The comic book version of Wanda Maximoff went through some devastating, life-changing ordeals. In west coast avengers comic series, Marvel used a retcon to make Immortus the cause of most of them. Behind the scenes, he did what he could to ensure that a romantic relationship formed between Vision and Scarlet Witch. Apparently, he knew that the two could never have children and wanted to use this fact to his advantage. As she had planned, the Scarlet Witch used her powers to create children of her own.

When they disappeared, Wanda’s life was turned upside down. Once again, this was all the result of Immortus’ careful planning. The loss of sight, which was also a part of their plan, worsened Scarlet Witch’s emotional state, thus bringing their plan one more step closer to fruition. When she finally broke down, Immortus seized his opportunity and attempted to steal the Scarlet Witch’s powers. As it turned out, this was his endgame from the beginning. Thanks to Scarlet Witch resisting his influence as well as the Avengers’ assistance, Immortus was defeated and all the times he manipulated them came to nothing.

Why Immortus could be the real villain of Doctor Strange 2

Elisabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Unlike her comic book counterpart, Scarlet Witch’s life is riddled with tragedy. Given the similarities between what happened to him in the MCU and his history in the comics, it’s worth wondering if there’s a secret connection, especially when considering that Immortus is officially in the MCU. Known as an older and more experienced version of Kong, Immortus has a reputation for playing the long game and avoiding direct confrontation. For those reasons, it’s at least as likely that he was behind some of the heartache she’s faced in the past.

As implausible as how this might even sound at first, Immortus’ mastery of the timestream explains how he could have directed Scarlet Witch’s entire MCU arc. In the comics, Immortus uses Limbo, a dimension that exists outside of time, to observe the timestream as he pleases. Looking into Wanda’s past and future, Immortus could figure out what it would take for her to go the most desired path. Even the slightest push could cause the dominoes to fall in the direction the movies needed them to doctor strange 2,

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Why would Immortus manipulate the Scarlet Witch

Immortal as the Kong version in Marvel Comics

Vision’s death at the hands of Thanos, the creation of Westview, and his plot to steal Tommy and Billy from another universe are all developments that will be to Immortus’ advantage. Of course, the Scarlet Witch died, giving Immortus no chance to act on any interest in her powers. But, that doesn’t mean she won’t have something to gain from Scarlet Witch’s fate. doctor strange 2, Instead of wanting her powers, it may be that all Immortus hoped to manipulate her into was his own downfall.

as evidenced by the use of his powers doctor strange 2, Scarlet Witch is arguably the strongest force in the MCU. This, coupled with his status as a nexus, would be cause for concern for the Congress council. It is likely that they are well aware of the Avengers and the idea that the team will oppose them avengers: kong dynasty, The understanding that they would have to gain through the Avengers in order to complete their multiverse plan may have caused the Council of Congress to take preemptive measures to eliminate them with the best chance of stopping the Avengers.

Fighting an Avengers team with a member that would not be an ideal situation for any MCU villain. Given his power level, it seems only logical that the Council of Congress would want to remove him from the board. He is more powerful than Kang, which is why it could only have been planned by outside forces to get him out of the way. If any version of Kang were up to such a task, that character would surely be Immortus. He has a good reputation for handling challenges indirectly, thus making him well suited to arrange the Scarlet Witch’s demise.

Immortus planning what Scarlet Witch’s death would mean for Avengers 5

Immortus dominates the Avengers in Marvel Comics.

If it turns out that Immortus actually arranged for Scarlet Witch to die fighting Doctor Strange on Mount Wundagore, such a revelation would have a major impact on Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. First of all, this reveal will give new meaning to the importance of WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2 to the story of the multiverse saga. But more importantly, it would set him up as a main character in the next the avengers movie. If her fellow Avengers realize that Immortus and Kang’s council need Scarlet Witch to die in order to win, the Avengers could be inspired to do some time-traveling of their own.

Scarlet Witch becomes a pawn of Immortus Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Could be a catalyst for her return to the MCU. Either by undoing the events caused by Immortus or by crossing over to another reality, the Avengers can team up with Scarlet Witch and fight back against Kang. avengers: kong dynasty, His resurrection, whether through time travel or some other means, could be the key to preventing the Council of Kangs from achieving their goals.

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